Reebok is always ahead of the game, bringing athletic footwear that helps you run faster, jump higher, and lift heavier. They’re leading the pack with the next evolution of Nanos: Nano X, also known as the Nano 10 — what just might be the most versatile training shoe they’ve ever made.

The 10th anniversary brings us a shoe that’s more supportive, comfortable, and durable than ever before. The soft woven textile upper incorporates targeted areas of stretch and support. The lightweight EVA foam cushioning means you get the support you need while still staying quick on your feet — a huge advantage over other shoes that maybe offer decent protection but then weigh you down as a result.

You’ll also notice that Reebok has moved away from the delta and opted for the classic logo — always recognizable and trusted.

Whether your functional fitness programming brings you box jumps or rope climbs, weightlifting or double-unders, burpees or air squats, you can train knowing that you’re working out with the best companion: Nano X. (You can get a closer look here for the ladies and here for the gentlemen.)

Don’t just expect a repeat of the Nano 9, either. Tal Short, Senior Product Manager of Training Footwear for Reebok, says, “We’ve innovated the Nano for ten years to reach the standards set by the loyal Nano community. We listened to athletes of all levels from around the world for guidance throughout the Nano X creation process. The result is a shoe that represents a decade of dedication that we are excited to offer to a fitness community well beyond just the box.”

That’s right — no matter where you get your sweat on, Reebok sees you. And Nano X is for you, too.

Finding a shoe that does it all is always a challenge. If it’s durable, it’s uncomfortable. If it’s comfortable, it can’t handle the wear and tear. There’s always something.

But with 10 years of testing, research, and innovation behind them, Reebok has once again raised the bar.

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