Nicole Carroll was one of several people to resign from her position with CrossFit Inc. after things recently went south, along with Julie Foucher. Carroll was a CrossFit OG – one of the longest standing fixtures in the community who helped build it into what it is today. Her resignation was felt by many, and it was another clear sign that the future of the sport was rapidly changing before our eyes.

However, after news came of CrossFit’s new CEO and owner, Eric Roza, Carroll posted on what appears to be a brand new Instagram account to make an exciting announcement: She’s back.


The last several weeks have been rocky, to say the least. Many stepped forward to voice their opposition to hurtful things that were said by CrossFit’s previous owner. Some of the pros even withdrew from the Games.

Roza’s entrance seems to be bringing some life back to our community, though. Carroll’s message is one of hope and loyalty.

Main image: Nicole Carroll/Instagram, photo by Dave Re