Are you about to embark on a journey into the amazing world of fitness? Starting this training regimen is likely to be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do for your body. If you want to get off on the right foot, you need to get the proper gear. With that in mind, here are the most vital products you have to have in your gym bag before you begin training.

10 Pieces of Gear All Beginners Need

1. Liquid Chalk

Ready to lift? Don’t even think about grabbing that barbell without using some liquid chalk first. You may notice many old-school athletes use dry chalk instead. The truth of the matter is that either liquid or dry chalk will do the job and ensure you maintain a good grip.

However, in recent years, the liquid alternative has become wildly popular for its sheer ease of use. Grab yourself a bottle beforehand.

2. Speed Rope

When you first start out, jumping will be a huge part of your regimen. Getting a quality rope is most certainly the way to go. Having one of your own means you can always get your quick hit of cardio when you need it the most.

The Cyclone Super Speed Rope is a smart investment. Boasting ergonomic handles for a smooth, comfortable grip along with an adjustable length, you cannot go wrong here.

3. Wrist Wraps

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Make no mistake: your wrists need support. Before you begin training, it’s worth investing in wrist wraps. Wraps vary in the way they fasten (string versus velcro) and how much give they allow. See what fits best for your needs.

4. Lamb Tape

Looking to get deep into the world of weightlifting? You need to seriously protect your fingers. There is nothing quite like the pure agony of burning and blistering fingers after you have been lifting for a while.

Prevent that problem with some comfortable and easy-to-wear lamb tape. The versatility and the durability of this tape make it a real winner. Plus, the super strong adhesive means it will survive any training session.

5. Gymnastic Grips

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Pull-ups, deadlifts, and kettlebell exercises — they all have one thing in common. They can all play havoc with your hands. When you first start out, you will find the skin on your palms is not as strong as it seems to be. Your lack of grip can hold you back when it comes to excelling in certain feats.

Getting yourself some gymnastic grips will give you an extra level of protection as well as boost your performance.

6. Foam Roller

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Although most gyms have a couple of foam rollers, it’s worth investing in your own. Nobody likes having to wait too long to take their turn. Plus, you can keep a foam roller at home so you can roll out on your recovery days.

Using one of these regularly can help boost your mobility while giving your body the satisfying stretch that it needs. It’s good for recovery, too.

7. Compression Shorts

Endurance is the name of the game when it comes to functional fitness. You need to make sure you give your body the best chance of success. Sliding on some compression shorts before you get started could be the answer. These garments are specifically designed not only to support your muscles but also help reduce swelling and soreness and speed up recovery.

8. Knee Sleeves

Aiding blood flow, offering compression, and giving you that additional stability, you cannot go wrong with a pair of knee sleeves. Newcomers to the world of functional fitness often forget they need this basic item.

It will give you more power than you expect. As a golden rule, be sure to opt for breathable fabric. The last thing you want is to get a pair of knee sleeves that add a little too much sweat factor to your sessions. We love RockTape Assassins.

9. Shin Guards

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Protecting your shin and calf area during training is essential. Many people overlook this area of their bodies, but doing so can lead to problems later down the line. Choose a pair of shin and calf guards that gives you the sturdiness you need. A decent pair will also add a level of compression to your legs, which means you will have extra support.

10. Weightlifting Shoes

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You may be under the impression you can just wear your regular jogging shoes when giving functional fitness a whirl. Wrong. Getting the right shoes should be high on your list of priorities when you first start out.

There are specific weightlifting shoes out there that will help support your body more than you would ever think. Investing in a pair of specialty shoes is not a decision to be taken lightly. Make sure you understand the qualities of the shoes you pick.

As a beginner, you need shoes that offer a great deal of support in the sole while having breathable, mesh fabric on the top. They should also suit your needs — whether you’re focusing on functional fitness, Olympic weightlifting, or a combination of the two.

Take your time and find out what works for you.

Now that you have gotten the inside scoop, what are you waiting for? Investing in some high-quality gear before starting functional fitness gives you the greatest chance of success. Although there are loads of different types of products out there, getting these essentials is one great way to start. Happy shopping!