When you’re Rich Froning, you go big or go home; and in many instances, that means using the heaviest weights your gym has. In one workout, the Games champion worked up to a heavy set of three dumbbell power snatches, three dumbbell snatches, and three overhead squats — and then did five sets there. His heaviest sets were done at 100 pounds — but only because they didn’t have any dumbbells that were heavier (obviously).

5 heavy sets on each side of 

  • 3 DB power snatch
  • 3 DB snatch
  • 3 OHS

Tips for Dumbbell Efficiency

  • Keep the DB close. The further away it is from your body, the heavier it’ll feel.
  • Your legs have some of the strongest muscles in your body — use them to drive as much power as possible!
  • This should be heavy but manageable. Go with a weight that’s challenging but feasible to do unbroken.

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Main image: Fitness&Healthy Life/Facebook