There are always those athletes who you can’t wait to see crush it at the CrossFit Games. One of those athletes is Sara Sigmundsdottir, largely because in the past, she’s come *this close* to a podium finish. And let’s face it: Iceland’s women know how to do CrossFit. So, that’s why it was such a surprise that after the first phase of the 2020 CrossFit Games, Sigmundsdottir finished in 21st place out of 30 athletes, meaning that she wouldn’t be moving on to the second and final stage of the competition.

Indeed, there was a reason that things went the way they did for her, and she took to Instagram to elaborate. In a series of three posts, she started off by saying that she makes no excuses for her performance, and it was way below her standards. Not surprising, because Sigmundsdottir has always had an incredible attitude and mindset.

Here’s the first post.

But here’s the thing. Back in May, box jumps left her with one gnarly injury, which turned into an infection, which turned into very low levels of cortisol. Here’s the original post from back in May. Ouch.

And more recently, Sigmundsdottir explained how it escalated, ultimately affecting her Games performance.

So, yeah, you could kind of say that her competitive season didn’t go exactly as planned. Her to-do list moving forward?

These athletes have been training for years; and each season, everything culminates with the Games. Imagine the disappoint of not being able to perform the way you wanted, the way you’ve been training for that entire competitive year. It must be a crushing blow.

But this isn’t the first injury Sara’s experienced before. (Remember when she broke a ribtwice?) She never let it get her down in the past, and she’s not starting now. Take care of yourself, Sara! You’ll be back and stronger than ever.

Main image: Sara Sigmundsdottir/Instagram