When it comes to supplementation, we are forever on the hunt for something clean, pure and effective. With the industry being so unregulated, even the seemingly highest quality products can contain potentially risky ingredients, additives, preservatives and other substances you probably don’t want in your body. This is why we were so thrilled to stumble upon Puori. The benefits of using Puori vitamins are many, and this is one company that values purity and nature above all else.

Puori (previously known as PurePharma) was founded in 2009 in Denmark. They look not just at supplementation, but at what they call the four cornerstones of a happy and healthy life (as a holistic approach is often the best): diet, physical activity, recovery and balance. Puori handpicks all-natural ingredients themselves, closely observing every part of the production process, from start to finish, so you know you’re getting only the best.

And you truly can taste the difference. Take their chocolate protein powder, for instance. Whereas with other powders, you can literally taste the fake sweetness and flavoring that comes from unnatural ingredients, Puori’s is made with just six ingredients and is naturally sweet thanks to organic coconut water, organic Dutch cocoa, and a dash of organic stevia. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a protein supplement cleaner than this.

It doesn’t end there, either. The care and consideration Puori gives to their protein is extended to every single product they offer. Take their fish oil, for instance. It’s sourced entirely from wild anchovies, which are responsibly caught in the south Pacific Ocean. Anchovies are low on the food chain, so they don’t carry the toxins and heavy metals that bigger fish (like cod, salmon and tuna) might. The fish oil is contained in dark capsules, which shield them from the sunlight to keep them fresh and avoid oxidation. Furthermore, the IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards Program) consistently rates Puori 5/5 stars for their freshness and purity.

fish oil supplement
Puori O3 Fish Oil Supplement

A number of elite and professional athletes swear by Puori, like longtime CrossFit fan-favorite Julie Foucher, Scott Panchik, Kristin Holte, and Erica Jarder — Swedish longjumper and bronze medal winner at the European Indoor Championships.

These athletes don’t use Puori simply because it’s safe; they rely on it because it works. From building muscle to recovering faster and everything in between, Puori has something for everyone — the pro athlete, the casual gym-goer and the 9-to-5er who simply wants to be a little healthier.

The supplement market is so heavily saturated that it can be nearly impossible to find the right brand for you. We’ve done the research. If you want fresh, clean and effective, go for Puori.

Main image: Puori/Facebook