When Theragun first hit the scene, admittedly, some of us were scratching our heads. What was this strange device?

It didn’t take long, though, to see the benefits for athletes of all levels. Fortunately, this type of gadget went from being mostly available through a medical health professional to accessible to anyone in need. And now, Theragun is helping athletes all over the world to reduce pain, improve blood flow, speed up healing and recovery, improve mobility, and so much more.

Since its inception, every iteration has gotten better than the last — and they’re not stopping. Theragun announced on Instagram that 2020 will bring us the next generation.

Let’s take a stroll down Memory Lane at what Theragun has looked like over the years.

The History of Theragun

2007: The First Prototype

The first ever prototype was made by Dr. Jason Wersland in 2007/2008, and it looked like something you’d sooner find in your toolshed.

But hints of what would become the first-of-its-kind percussive therapy massage device were already there.

2016: The Official Launch

Theragun officially hit the scene with the G1, the first handheld device for percussive therapy. It quickly proved to be a lightweight, compact, and easy-to-use device to relieve all sorts of aches and pains. Athletes who used to spend an hour on a foam roller (which still offers its own benefits, to be clear) could now spend a fraction of the time with the G1 and see amazing results.

2017: Say Hello to the G2PRO

In just one year, Theragun elevated their device to address even more needs. The assortment of AmpBITS made it easier than ever to utilize Theragun for larger muscle groups, pinpoint treatment, more tender areas, and general use.

2018: The Signature Ergonomic Design

The G3PRO came with a whole new look and feel, resembling the most current generation. It became the most powerful, totally customizable deep muscle therapy tool, used by pros and average gymgoers alike. Because recovery and tissue care is for everyone, Theragun designed a device that can be used by and benefit everybody.

2019: Theragun Liv

The Theragun liv is an even lighter device perfect for daily recovery, even when you’re on the go. Look at it as a body-care multi-tasker — the Swiss army knife of muscle recovery.

Of course, it doesn’t end here. We could never forget the Theragun Mini, the pocket-sized device that offers maximum portability and recovery. Then there’s Elite, designed with a proprietary brushless motor with QuietForce Technology™ to deliver power while being quieter than ever.

And this doesn’t even cover it.

Over time, athletes are better understanding the importance of recovery, and Theragun is there to go on the journey with you. Rest as hard as you train, and take care of your body.

Check out The WOD Life’s full range of Theragun products today, and stay tuned for the next generation.