Did you think the Nike Metcons couldn’t get any better? Same here. It looks like we’re both in for a surprise, because the Metcon 5 is coming, and it looks like Nike went and outdid themselves.

Like the sport of functional fitness, Metcons have evolved over the years. Never one to settle, Nike once again worked on a new iteration to find ways to make the shoe even better. And to really ensure this shoe was unparalleled in quality and durability, they had athletes like Mat Fraser and Lauren Fisher (plus your everyday athletes) put it to the test with over 9,000 hours of rigorous, grueling training.

What resulted, as Nike explains, was not the best Metcon but the best shoe they’ve ever designed.

What’s New With the Nike Metcon 5s?

The heel clip is the same, but you’ll find many updates on the Metcon 5.

  • The heel is a little wider, providing more stability for heavy squats and lifts.
  • The tongue has more cushioning, offering better support and hugging your foot with more security.
  • The chain-link pattern can better withstand the wear and tear from rope climbs. You’ll also notice better grip on the way up and a smoother slide on the way down.
  • The insert gives your heels a little boost, giving you better stability, ground contact, and balance for squats, heavy lifts, wall balls, and even rowing.
  • The drop-in midsole is more flexible, so you’ll feel more comfortable and protected during moves like box jumps, burpees, and double-unders.
  • The pattern on the outsole gives you more traction for sled pushes and sprints and is also far more durable.

If you want to level up your fitness, the Metcons are where it’s at.

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