If you’re intimidated by CrossFit, you’re not alone. Many of us are afraid of it until we actually try it. As the saying goes, “90% of success is showing up.” Once you do your first class, something magical will happen: you will go back for more and more. This is just one of many things you should know if you’re considering functional fitness — here are nine more.

#1 The Jargon

As CrossFit is a whole other world, it requires you to learn a new language. It would be confusing to come into a class or read up on the sport without knowing what all these acronyms are. Here’s a short list to get you started:

  • Box — a CrossFit gym
  • WOD — workout of the day
  • AMRAP — as many reps/rounds as possible
  • EMOM — every minute on the minute
  • Tabata — 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest
  • Scaled — adjusting a workout to match your fitness level

It might seem overwhelming but you’ll learn as you go.

#2 It’s a Community

You will always feel welcomed in the box. You will find a genuine connection with these people and form a closer bond as you get through your WODs together.

If you’re an introvert and have a fear of feeling left out, you will be surprised with how welcoming your box will be. It’s a great place to find people who really care about you and support you.

#3 You Will Hear backlash

…from your friends, your family, your loved ones, people who generally don’t understand what it’s all about. It mostly comes from them being insecure or simply misinformed about what CrossFit is.

Encourage them to try it for themselves without being too pushy. You can also explain that CrossFit is about doing constantly varied, functional and high intensity movements that can be scaled depending on one’s fitness level. Not only will they be introduced to a welcoming community but they won’t be able to deny the results achieved from participating.

#4 Every Workout is Doable


As mentioned earlier, CrossFit workouts are scaleable. There are Rx or recommended intensity and reps for each workout but you can also scale up or down depending on your physical ability and/or confidence.

Every person benefits from a great workout that pushes them without causing pain. Each exercise has the risk of accidents happening but you’re more at risk from an inactive lifestyle than a WOD.

#5 It Gets You Out of Your Comfort Zone

CrossFit makes you do things that you will never do out of your own will in your everyday life. That doesn’t mean it’s crazy. It means you will be pushed into realizing that many of the things you fear doing are actually doable. You wouldn’t do it on a regular day but you would do it in the box. It’s all part of the fun.

#6 You Will be Amazed With What Your Body Can Do

You will walk into your first class thinking you couldn’t possibly lift those weights. Later, you find out you can. Jumping up on a high box without skinning your shins? You can! Do 10 consecutive double-unders with a jumprope? You can!

CrossFit pushes you to your physical and mental limits, helping you realize that you are far more capable than you ever thought you would be. As you progress, you will be stronger, more flexible and faster — things your present self might not imagine now.

#7 It Helps You Destress

CrossFit athletes come from varied backgrounds. All the same, everyone in each class is experiencing some sort of stress in their personal life. When they walk into the box, that all changes.

Each WOD helps keep your mind off personal struggles. Who could worry about those things when you’re focused on doing as many burpees as possible in the next 30 seconds? The WOD may only last an hour but in general, exercise helps decrease your stress levels.

#8 Your Workouts are Planned Out for You

At any other gym, you would walk in and decide on your workout for yourself. Even if you started out following a program, most of the time you would not have anyone holding you accountable. You will likely end up doing sloppy cardio, eyes glued to the TV.

In CrossFit, the moment you walk in, everything is decided for you. All you have to do is follow it. And each WOD is constantly varied. You will never have to do the same routine twice in one week. Without having to worry about what to do next, all your energy will be poured into giving your all.

#9 It Gives You a Huge Sense of Accomplishment

Sometimes the only thing that keeps you going to CrossFit is the feeling you get afterward. And that’s more than enough. You will be full of pride, achieving things you never thought possible. It might sound cheesy but finishing a WOD makes you feel like you can conquer anything.

There is a lot to prepare yourself for before you start doing CrossFit. You need the right shoes and clothes for it and you might also consider investing in protective gear. Other things, you will be taught at your box of choice.

You will never be 100% ready. Instead of waiting to be completely prepared, take the confidence and curiosity you have and join your first class today.