In one of our episodes of The Journey, The WOD Life spent time with all-around badass Tia-Clair Toomey, in Gladstone, QLD, Australia. She gave us a glimpse into her training and, perhaps more importantly, the mindset behind it. While her undeniable strength, speed, and stamina have helped make Toomey a champion in both functional fitness and Olympic weightlifting, it’s her attitude and perspective that have truly propelled her to the top.

Here are a few things we learned about her.

Your Attitude Outside Training is as Important as Your Attitude at the Box

For so many of us, fitness is life, and Toomey understands being fit isn’t just about your daily WODs — it’s also about what you do outside the gym.

Toomey shared how she loves to zen out earlier in the day before training by enjoying coffee with her husband, Shane Orr, by the ocean. Doing so gets her into the right mindset and helps set the pace for the day of training ahead.

Once her first session is over, she aims to check out and focus on recovery, prepping her body for the second session of the day.

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Toomey cares so much about living in the moment that she usually doesn’t know what her programming looks like until she gets to the box.

It’s not all about metcons and weightlifting.

Perspective is Important

Toomey realized her sport was going to be about a lot more than just training. Having Orr as her coach has been a game-changer. In fact, Toomey refers to him as her “secret weapon.” Not only has it taken her career to new heights and given him a new career as her coach, but it also set the two of them on a path more amazing than they ever could have imagined.

For Toomey, fitness isn’t just about what she can do — it’s about what the two of them can accomplish together.

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Furthermore, she loves training — really loves it. Not only is training about becoming a better version of herself each day, but it also exists to inspire others. And that’s something Toomey cares about: inspiring people.

You know what they say about this sport: it’s all about community.

Winning Isn’t Everything

As the fittest woman on earth (three years in a row), one might assume for Tia-Clair Toomey, the Games is all about hanging on to that title. While that is one of her goals, she shared how she now understands it’s not all that matters.

Her mindset each day is more positive than it used to be. She’s not always concerned with winning, but rather walking away from the Games happy with the outcome, regardless of what the leaderboard says. It’s not so much the destination she cares about — it’s the journey.

It’s obvious Toomey has spent a lot of time not only mastering double-unders and thrusters but her mental game as well. This sport is all-encompassing — mind and body — and she tackles both to be better today than she was yesterday.

A champion, indeed.

Want to watch the full episode of The Journey? Check it out below!