You know what they say about the game of CrossFit: It’s infinitely scalable. And why shouldn’t that include adaptive athletes? Yes, they can scale their workouts so that they can participate in WODs just like all the other athletes, but what about those who want to hit the competition floor?

WheelWOD is here.

While adaptive athletes can already do the Open workouts and tweak them so they’re manageable, there isn’t exactly much opportunity in the way of competing. That’s where WheelWOD comes in. Here’s how it works (with a helpful explanation from Morning Chalk Up). When the Open workouts are released each week, WheelWOD adapts it for their own divisions and releases their versions the next day.

At that point, athletes can complete the workout and submit their scores to Competition Corner. If they want to make it to the top, they can expect to be held to the same rigorous rules as athletes competing in the Open. They must meet the standards, show video proof, and have judges approve of their scores.

Once the Open is over, the top athletes will qualify for the WheelWOD Games.

No one should be left behind, and WheelWOD is making very sure that doesn’t happen.

Main image: Kevin Ogar/Instagram, photo by Wodapalooza