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Adam from the RX Magazine Australia, recently had the pleasure of reviewing one of our core Hand Care products, Winnies RipFix. Here is Adam’s Review, Winnie’s Rip Fix – The Miracle Goo!

Okay, so I was asked to try this product called RipFix, it’s an ointment that you put on your hand rips and it fixes them a lot quicker than just leaving them to heal on their own.

Normally I’m skeptical about these types of products and I was about this one too. So I figured that the best way to test it was to take one for the team and rip my hands on purpose, and see how it went. ‘Luckily’ for me it didn’t take too long, I ripped my palm doing muscle ups in Nate and I was off.

To my surprise it worked a treat and I have the photographs to prove it.

Day 1: I left the skin on to show that I actually had torn up my hand. Yep, it looks gross.

hand day 1

Day 2: You can see from this photo that it has already healed quite substantially. I removed the skin too.

hand day 2

Day 3: It looks even better in this photo, a lot of the redness has gone down.

hand day 3

Day 4: It’s pretty much done here, most of the redness has gone.

hand day 4

So now I’m an absolute convert and I carry a tin of the stuff around with me in my gym bag. I’ve been using it on my heals too because they were looking really cracked from wearing thongs all summer.

They also sell RipFix Pumice Stones to use on your calluses in the shower, I’ve been using mine on my feet too.

In Australia RipFix is available online at The Wodlife Australia, you should check them out because, as well as Winnies RipFix, they sell a tonne of CrossFit equipment.

Pick up Winnies Rip Fix here!