REPtember – Raise Money For Kids Charity


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REPtember – Raise Money For Kids Charity


REPtember is just around the corner! Think you have what it takes to beat your mates, then get a crew together and join in today!


REPtember will give you the chance to challenge your friends and finally show them who is the fittest and fastest, whilst donating to charities that aim to educate kids about the importance of functional movement. There will be 5 challenges during September where we encourage everyone, no matter what your fitness level may be, to participate. Each REPtember challenge is different and will be based on the 7 primal movements; Push, Pull, Twist, Bend, Lunge, Squat, and Gait, and we need your help to demonstrate these movements, have a bit of fun challenging your mates, and most importantly get your video’s out there for the younger generations to imitate!



Like REPtember FB (, follow on Instagram (@REPtember) and remember – REP. Post. Donate.



Here’s how it works –


Register yourself or a team of friends at


Pick an exercise you enjoy, within the constraints of the challenge (e.g., Push, Pull, squat lunge etc.,) and film yourself doing as many repetitions (REP’s) as you can in a row, or in the time permitted.


Upload your clip to FB and/or Instagram, tag mates to beat your Max REP’s, and donate!


Those who can’t match your REPs match or beat your donation to Bluearth or a charity of their choice.  Your mates can then challenge others, further raising awareness and money for charity.


With the challenge only days away; let’s get out there in September, spread the word about REPtember, and raise money all in the name of a healthier and happier generation of kids!





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Week 1: (September 1 – 4) Push Max REP’s! As many as you can in a row till failure!


Week 2: (September 5 – 11) Squat or Lunge Max REP’s – within 30 seconds!


Week 3: (September 12 – 18) Pull Max REP’s! As many as you can in a row till failure!


Week 4: (September 19 -25) Bend or Twist Max REP’s – within 30 seconds!


Week 5:  (September 26 – 30) Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out the final challenge – Are you up for it? Who can you beat?



Some background info-


REPtember is a simple idea born from the desire to instill in our own two children just how fun movement can be, whilst also being valuable to their wellbeing.



Through some simple research, we stumbled upon a wealth of educational, cognitive, psychological, medical and behavioral research which proves that functional movement exercise is one of the most effective ways to engage with children and enable them to retain what they are  being taught for a longer period of time. Ironically enough, it is the physical educational budgets that are first to be cut in schools across both Australia and globally! Next we came across Bluearth, a charity that aims to educate kids about the benefits of movement, and with this in mind, our concept was created from beginning to end – raising money and awareness for kids, by having fun with functional fitness!



We began functional fitness only around 3 years ago, and quickly learnt through training such as Yoga, Tabata, CrossFit, ZUU, F45 (just to name a few), just how fun functional exercise can be and were amazed how fast, efficient and effective the results were! One of the biggest learning curves we experienced was that we most commonly only focus on just one primal movement known as ‘gait’, when in fact there are 6 other movements that very little attention – Pull, Push, Squat, Lunge, Bend, and Twist.  During Reptember we want kids to learn about all 7 movements individually and combined, basic and advanced!


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