It’s that time of year again: the most spooktacular season of all. And we couldn’t resist putting our heads together to bring you an irresistible limited edition print perfect for Halloween. We introduce you to…


wod zombie limited edition

Vampires are so 2019. Werewolves are old news. This year, we’re getting down with the living dead with this skin-crawling print that promises to give you nightmares — in a good way. Maybe.

As always, we went all out and have a full collection of TWL WOD ZOMBIE items for you to stock up on. Here are a few things you can expect.

The women’s high-waisted Balance Shorts have a longer inseam length, added tapering, and more height to the waistband (thanks to feedback from you!). This offers an even more flattering looking, better coverage, and increased support. The tapered waist stops the shorts from moving during training, and the silicone band around the thighs prevents rolling.

The material is naturally breathable, and don’t forget about the small pocket inside the waistband. Pockets are everything.


If you prefer even more coverage, you might consider opting for the high-waisted extra-long Balance Shorts. It ultimately comes down to what you feel more comfortable in.

extra-long balance shorts

The third option for the ladies is our Motion Shorts. If you’re sick of dealing with a waistband that won’t stay put when you squat, these are for you. This motion shorts’ band promises to hug your body during squats and lifts without compromising comfort, range of motion, or support. Inside the mid-rise waistband, you’ll find a built-in continuous drawcord.

The inside liner is lightweight, sweat-wicking, and breathable, and the vented back lets your body breathe. Don’t forget the dual front key pockets!

WOD ZOMBIE motion shorts

For the gentlemen, we have the Flex Shorts. Athletes love the lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric because it holds its shape while keeping you dry. Plus, it’s got a four-way stretch. Combine that with the above-the-knee cut and side splits, and you have ultimate functionality and comfort.

It’s designed with a slightly wider hip that prevents the shorts from riding up when you’re squatting or lifting. In addition, the waist is elastic and is designed with a longer silicone grip tabbed drawstring. Dual pockets mean that you can always keep your valuables on you.

men's flex shorts WOD ZOMBIE

We also want to point out the two sports bras available in the TWL WOD ZOMBIE limited edition print. The Fleet Bra is perfect for low- to mid-impact training. The high neck helps you to avoid barbell rubbing, and the chunky band and thick fabric deliver maximum comfort. Look for cross-over straps to the back, making for a highly stretchable but still supportive design.

fleet bra WOD ZOMBIE

The Pulse Bra is ideal for medium-impact training, made of soft, sweat-wicking fabric. The removable pads give you extra coverage and shaping.

Additionally, it features our new longline shape and extra-wide band, to keep you supported no matter what your WOD throws at you.

TWL pulse bra WOD ZOMBIE

In addition to these items, look for TWL WOD ZOMBIE socks, wrist wraps, headbands, t-shirts, crop tops, scrunchies, and weightlift belts.

Ready to get down with the undead? Shop this limited edition print now before it’s gone. Have a very creepy Halloween!