Every day in Australia, 55 people are diagnosed with breast cancer. And roughly 30% of cancer diagnoses in women are breast cancer. One in eight women in the U.S. and one in seven in Australia will be diagnosed at some point in their lifetime. Breast cancer technically refers to a group of diseases in which cells in breast tissue change and divide uncontrollably, often resulting in a lump or mass.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we all have a duty to spread awareness, help fund research, and educate people on the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the country. The WOD Life wanted to get involved, and this month, we’re proud to introduce you to our limited edition Pink Collection, with a portion of proceeds going straight to Barbells for Boobs.

Pink limited edition from The WOD Life

Barbells for Boobs holds a special place in our hearts. They are the creators of The RAD Program — Resources After Diagnosis, launched in February of 2020 — which supports mind, body, and soul well-being for women ranging from age 23 to 70. They provide this support through physical activity and education, with the aim of helping women thrive during cancer treatment. The RAD Program is specifically for women with breast cancer who are passionate about fitness, and the goal is to increase the overall quality of life before, during, and after diagnosis. Physical activity is their foundation for breast cancer risk reduction, treatment, and survivorship.

In RAD, women are represented in eight countries across the globe — and 45 of the United States. 51% of participants are currently in treatment, and 88% stay physically active every day.

If you’ve spent time with The WOD Life before, then you already know that we’re about a lot more than apparel, equipment, and gear. We’re about the experience behind training. The massive positive impact it can have on your life. The incredible community behind it and the amazing relationships we all form with each other.

We love what Barbells for Boobs does for this community and wanted to be a part of it. In our limited edition Pink Collection, you can expect the durable, comfortable, functional apparel you’ve come to know us for. The extra-wide band of the Pulse Bra offers better coverage and keeps you fully supported and tucked in, no matter what your WOD brings you. Removable pads deliver ultimate coverage and shaping, and it’s designed with soft, sweat-wicking fabric that’s supportive yet breathable.

Pink limited edition sports bra The WOD Life

If you prefer the Fleet Bra, you can expect a higher neck to prevent barbell rubbing and cross-over straps to the back.

Pink Collection fleet bra

The high-waisted, extra-long Balance Shorts have an increased seam length and added tapering and height to the waistband, to prevent movement during training. The silicone band around the thighs stops the shorts from rolling up during burpees, squats, and the like. Our Move-Tech Supplex Nylon Spandex Knit is naturally breathable, making for apparel that gives you support, comfort, and functionality in the exact way you need.

extra long shorts pink limited edition by The WOD Life

The booty shorts opt for less coverage down the quads, with the same optimally breathable material and reliable support.

high-waisted booty shorts

And that’s not all. Our Pink Collection also includes men’s shorts, socks, wrist wraps, a scrunchie, and a headband. Make a statement with your gym apparel and support individuals who have been affected by breast cancer.

While there is no sure way to prevent breast cancer, Cancer.org provides a few tips if you believe you’re at an increased risk:

  • Maintain a healthy weight: Excess weight/weight gain has been linked to a higher risk of breast cancer, particularly after menopause.
  • Stay physically active: Aim for 150-300 minutes of moderate-intensity activity, or 75-150 minutes of vigorous-intensity activity, each week.
  • Limit alcohol (or avoid it completely): Alcohol increases your risk of breast cancer, so avoid consuming it (along with smoking).
  • Get regular checkups: See your doctor for a yearly screening/mammogram, and do self-examinations once a month. Look and feel for any lumps, dimpling, redness, rashes, or any other changes in the skin. A proactive approach to your health is always best.

We’re committed to the fight against breast cancer, and we invite you to join us on this mission. We’re stronger together! When we unite as one and go pink, we can accomplish great things.

Shop the Pink Collection now and join us in going pink for breast cancer this October.