There are some days when we could all use a little extra motivation — extra motivation to get to the gym, extra motivation to say no to that cookie, or just a little extra motivation to choose to be better that day. Below are 15 inspiring quotes to encourage you on your journey to health and fitness.

15 of the Most Inspiring Fitness Quotes

“The best medicines: nutrition, movement, rest, nature, connection” — Julie Foucher

This quote came from former perennial CrossFit Games athlete Julie Foucher. Foucher has been a staple in the community since her debut in competition in 2010. She finished on the Games podium twice (2012 and 2014) and has since developed a reputation as a fitness doctor. Foucher retired from competition to pursue her career as a doctor. She also produces a podcast called Pursuing Health, where she chats with guests about all things health, fitness, and life related.

“Make time for health now, or you’ll have to make time for disease later.” — Julie Foucher

Foucher just has so many wise words to share we had to bring attention to another quote of hers. Reaching into the deeper purpose of fitness, Foucher recognizes the value that lies in taking control of your health through fitness and nutrition.

“Head first towards the uncomfortable.” — Brent Fikowski

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2018 West Regional victor Brent Fikowski knows what it takes to get what you want. He has gone head first toward the uncomfortable for years since his near-Games misses in 2014 and 2015. Take a page out of his book if you are looking to advance in competition.

“This year, when I compete, I am competing for anyone, anywhere who shares the same voices in their head as I do. (The voice) that tells them over and over all the reasons — rational or irrational — that they can’t, shouldn’t, won’t, or aren’t good enough.” — Khan Porter

In 2017, multi-time Games athlete Khan Porter opened up about his struggle with an anxiety disorder. The 28-year-old athlete said that competing helps him fight back against the anxious voice in his head. That year, he dedicated his performance to anyone going through something similar with this powerful message.

“I hope your Monday is full of motivation AND appreciation, because we are going to get so much further in life if we can keep those two hand in hand.” — Michaela North

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A few words of encouragement from 2017 Affiliate Cup champion team member Michaela North. North, who won the Affiliate Cup with the Wasatch Brutes last year, is on a journey back to fitness after giving birth. Although her current situation (being in the postpartum period) is very specific, her quote is easily applicable to us all.

“Everyone has an internal dialogue, and how you talk to yourself will greatly impact your performance —both in terms of production and what the experience feels like.” — Elisabeth Akinwale

Former Games athlete Elisabeth Akinwale reminds us to be kind to ourselves when we work out. It is all too easy to get into a negative headspace when you are suffering in the midst of an awful workout, but taking a turn for the negative will only result in negative effects.

“As an elite athlete, there are only five things that you can truly control — your training, nutrition, sleep, recovery, and mindset. If it doesn’t fall into one of those categories, I tell my athletes, forget about it. Control the things you can control, and ignore everything else.” — Ben Bergeron, from his book Chasing Excellence

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Well-known coach Ben Bergeron mentioned “elite” athletes in this quote, but we think it is useful for all athletes. Anyone who is bettering himself or herself through fitness will benefit from controlling the things they can and forgetting about the things they cannot.


Chyna Cho (who is Insta famous for always using all caps) has been around the sport for a long time. At the 2010 Reebok CrossFit Games, she struggled under the lights of the tennis stadium while she tried to bang out muscle-up after muscle-up in the named workout Amanda. Cho knows what it looks and feels like to give 100 percent when it counts.


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Another great one from Cho, reminding anyone who is feeling discouraged that they should trust the process. Show up to the gym, put in the work, and watch the results unfold before you — albeit, not overnight.

“When you don’t feel like training and you make up an excuse not to get off the couch … remember why you do it!” — Josh Bridges

Perennial Games athlete Josh Bridges missed the Games in 2015 after a sixth place finish at the California Regional, but he continued to train. This year, he came in third place at the West Regional and is headed back to Madison for the CrossFit Games. The beauty of fitness is the work is never done. There is always something to work on, always something to improve, and always something to achieve.

“Warm-ups are a good chance to practice skills, better positions, and technique in less intense situations. Perfect practice makes perfect.” — James Newbury

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Working on handstands? Need more mobility to get your first pistols? Chasing your muscle-up? Games athlete James Newbury reminds us to throw in some skill work when we are warming up. Warm up your shoulders with some handstand practice or do some muscle-up transitions to get your hips ready to be explosive.

“The goal is to get fit, make it the best hour of your day, stay safe, turn up the music, high five some people, and blow off some steam. So remember that. Relax. Have fun. Work out.” — Pat Sherwood

CrossFit Games analyst and Update Show host Pat Sherwood is privy to perhaps more knowledge than 90% of the community. His longevity and depth in not only the sport but also the lifestyle make him a credible source for some good inspiration. With this quote, Sherwood reminds us why we are all here in the first place — elite athlete or elderly gym-goer. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

“It’s not always what you do for training, it’s who you do it with.” — Annie Sakamoto

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Original Nasty Girl Annie Sakamoto has been around the sport since its inception. She has been to the Games both as an individual competitor and a master athlete, but what she is really known for is her spirit. Her love of the community radiates in her smile, and this quote is a great reminder of how she got to where she is today.

“Confidence entering a big lift is essential for success. Create a routine that incorporates breathing and visualization. Practicing this routine every lift will build strength physically, mentally, and emotionally. Approach the bar with attitude and purpose. Grip it and rip it.” — Scott Panchik

CrossFit Games veteran Scott Panchik is known for his brute strength and his level head. He divulges a little bit of his secret in this quote that reminds us that strength is as mental as it is physical.

“Hard work pays off.” — Mat Fraser

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Mat Fraser coined a simple phrase that has caught on within the community. You will see the quote on T-shirts and in hashtags (#HWPO). “Hard work pays off” is the epitome of Fraser’s athletic career thus far. His hard work has paid off big in the way of earning the title “Fittest on Earth” for two consecutive years.

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