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5 Smart Ideas for Every CrossFit Athlete

It’s easy to get lost in the excitement that CrossFit offers with every WOD. But CrossFit, like any other sport, is not without it’s share of injuries. Staying smart and keeping yourself in check will be one of the best things you could do for yourself. When you stay healthy you stay consistent. And consistencey = gains. Enough said.

Check out these 5 helpful tips that will keep you healthy throughout your CrossFit journey.

1. Protect Your Knees

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You gotta preserve these precious joints at any cost! Some of our best selling items at TWL are knee sleeves, so most people know whats good for them. However, if you haven’t started taking your knees into consideration yet, do it now and thank me when you’re 60.

2. Learn To Juggle

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Seriously I know it sounds crazy. Just think about this. Juggling is all about hand-eye coordination. And better hand-eye coordination means quicker, smoother reactions and less rushed, jolting motions that can cause both errors and unwanted injuries. Plus, I’m calling it now, 2020 CrossFit Games Event 13 is juggling. (Lacrosse balls are not just good mobility tools.)

3. Respect The Heat

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Check the weather if you decide to go for a run or train outside. Training early is typically less taxing on your body as temperatures, humidity, and ozone levels are usually lower. TWL loves you, so please don’t pull a Kara Webb during Murph at the 2015 CrossFit Games. (Kara is a professional and also maybe immortal, she can do whatever she wants.)

4. If You Can’t WOD With The Big Dogs, Don’t

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Remember that one time I beat Rob Forte, said no one ever. Here’s the thing, MOST of us CrossFit for fun and because it keeps us from being super lazy sedentary humans. Being competitive is great, but don’t WOD outside of your means. If you want to last longer in this fitness game, listen to your body. There’s probably like 100 thousand cases of Pukie coming for a visit because that one guy was trying to keep up with the fire breather in class.

5. Listen To your Coach

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I know, you’ve heard this a million times. And guess what, you’re going to keep hearing it because it’s a key to success. Listen to those who are there to help you. Your coaches are the trained professionals for this sport. They work with hundreds of athletes ranging in age and skill level every single week and they are there to help you succeed. Listen up and be open to their critiques, you could learn a thing or two.

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