We talk about mobility a lot. That’s because we know with certainty it’s crucial to being a healthy, fit adult. It’s vital in preventing injury, it’s a must to improve your functional fitness game and best yet, you can even do it without any equipment. If you are interested in investing in a few quality mobility tools, though, we highly recommend doing so. While massage balls are a no-brainer, there are probably a few other tools you’re not yet familiar with. Here are some you should really know about.

6 Mobility Tools to Keep You Healthy

1. Body Stick

mobility tool

The Body Stick can provide almost immediate relief from muscle soreness and joint tightness. This can mean a better range of motion, improved flexibility, and faster recovery — which, in turn, means better overall performance! The Body Stick works by providing myofascial release similar to what you might experience from a massage — except you can put this in your gym bag and take it everywhere. #Win

2. Compression Floss Bands

mobility tools

This extra wide band covers more surface area using less. Furthermore, this is one of the few mobility tools you can use while actually performing a specific exercise or stretch – like squats and push-ups. Compression bands can help improve your range of motion, restore joint mechanics, and reduce swelling.

Important note: be sure to spend time learning to use these bands, because it’s not as simple and wrapping it around a body part and going to work.

3. Resistance Power Bands

improving mobility

Resistance bands can help create tension in unique ways you might not otherwise find. For example, you can wrap them around your neck and under your feet for good mornings, or use them as pictured above to stretch your calves, hammies, and lower back. These are excellent for both warm-ups and cool-downs and offer a low-impact way to improve mobility and restore balance.

4. Short Resistance Mini Bands

mobility band
Use smaller bands around your ankles or knees to help warm up your lower extremities and prepare the hips, knees, and ankles for fitness. When the band is stretched around your limbs, you’re required to engage your muscles and provide tension against it. Similar to compression bands, you can perform certain exercises while wearing these small bands — like squats.

5. Crossover Symmetry

practicing crossfit mobility
A lot of us are intimidated by Crossover Symmetry, and understandably so; but here’s why you should give this incredible tool a chance.

The system — developed by engineers and physical therapists — comes with directions for how to perform exercises that activate and strengthen shoulders, encourage recovery, and improve plyometrics. It increases stability and mobility in the overhead position, improves mechanics, and reduces the risk of injury. No matter what your level is, you can benefit from Crossover Symmetry. If the guided illustrations aren’t enough, ask your coach for help!

6. Trigger Point Therapy

muscle therapy
Trigger point therapy can be a total lifesaver. This tool increases flexibility, reduces minor aches and pains, provides optimal myofascial release, and essentially gives you a deep tissue massage. Roll your feet over it after a lengthy round of double-unders or roll your forearms out after tons of pull-ups. This tool is optimal both pre-WOD (to stimulate blood flow and loosen up your muscles) and post-WOD (to aid in recovery and relieve muscle tension).

When you invest in your body and vow to care for it, it will repay you with years of health and happiness. Which of these tools looks most interesting to you? Shop with The WOD Life today!