If you’re a planner like Brent Fikowski, then coronavirus has probably thrown you for a serious loop. The pro athlete has some really good, actionable advice for how you can be spending some of your time, though. Take a look.

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I'm a pretty thorough guy, Type A personality, I like to have a plan. And with COVID-19 most of my plans for the foreseeable future are cancelled or postponed which has been frustrating. But there's some expression about success being defined as going from setback to setback with no lack of enthusiasm. So the new plan is to focus on just one week of goals at a time! Here are a few ideas if you want to do the same: -Update yourself with what is going on once per day on reputable sites like https://www.who.int/ https://www.cdc.gov/ -Other than that reliable news try to ignore reading other articles you see posted online -Spring clean with the Marie Kondo method -Phone call someone you care about -Prioritize your health by eating good food, sleeping and exercising. Lots of places are offering free at-home training programs, like this https://www.brutestrengthtraining.com/blog/ -Read a book. I suggest "Atomic Habits", or a classic like Bram Stoker's Dracula. -Do that thing you've been meaning to do but keep putting off, ya you know the one I'm talking about! Get started on it! -Watch a movie. Like: What We Do in the Shadows (2014), Parasite (2019), Macgruber (2010), Memento (2000). -Create a budget to track your spending habits, perhaps consider using www.mint.com -Wash your hands thoroughly -Any other suggestions on what to add?! Or other good places to get at-home workouts?

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We’re all in this together. Stay positive and stay safe, friends.

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