Oh boy. Is anyone else ridiculously excited for the Games? HQ and Castro are keeping our attention hooked by slowly releasing the events. The latest updates? Events 7 and 11.

Let’s talk about these for a minute.

The Snatch Speed Triple… A test of strength? Surely. However, if you’ve ever snatched, you know that this Olympic lift is also very dependent on technique. The competitors will be sore, tired, under pressure, and in a hurry. If there’s anything that can ruin an otherwise successful snatch, it’s soreness, fatigue, pressure, and a lack of time. This event will be as mental as it is physical.

As for Sprint Sled Sprint, the name of the game is… go… and try to move faster than the four people you’re racing against. Although the sled push will slow them down, we have a feeling that this event is going to feel like it’s over in the blink of an eye. There is no room for error. Competitors will need to hit the ground running, or else.

Castro also teased the final event of the Games, saying it might be the hardest event… ever. Nope, that doesn’t sound scary at all.

The time has almost arrived!

Main image: Brooke Wells/Instagram