Our friends in the US are celebrating Independence Day soon, and we can’t think of a better way to honor this special moment than with a little sweat sesh. July is the seventh month of the year, and Independence day is on the 4th, so we got creative and came up with this beauty.

4th of July WOD for Independence Day

Let’s go through a few tips for strategy and execution.

4th of July WOD: 5 Tips to Crush Your Reps

Grab a friend and see who gets the fastest time!

1. Go from the Last Deadlift Right into the First Power Clean

At the end of the deadlift, you’re standing up with the barbell. So, all you have to do is lower the bar slightly and move right in to that first power clean. If you drop the bar after the last deadlift, however, you basically have to perform an extra deadlift to once again stand with the bar and prepare for the clean.

In fact, if you drop the bar at all during these reps, you have to do an extra deadlift. Aim to perform this movement unbroken.

2. Go from the Last Hang Power Clean into the First Push Press

…And try to finish all four reps of your presses.

The same thing applies here as above with the deadlift. After that last clean, the bar is already on your shoulders — you’re ready to press it up. If you drop the drop at any point during the presses, then you have to do an extra clean to get it to your shoulders! Aim to go straight into the presses from the cleans and knock out all four reps.

3. Base Your Weight Off Your Weakest Movement

You can’t push press or hang power clean nearly as much as you can deadlift. Pick your weakest movement and base your working weight off of that. And remember, it should be tough but doable. If you’re having to do singles the entire time because the weight is just too darn heavy, you went too big!

4. Gear Up Accordingly

Wrist wraps will offer extra support and compression for the hang power cleans, push presses, and burpees. And hand grips will help a lot with the deadlifts and cleans. This is a decent number of reps, so come prepared so that your grip doesn’t fall about mid-workout. Tape and chalk are also a good idea.

5. Stay Loose and Breathe on the Burpees

This is the one break you get from the barbell. Save your shoulders some exhaustion and don’t do an actual push-up when you’re standing back up from the burpee. Stay light and springy on your feet, and use this chance to really catch your breath.

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More important than any of these tips? Have fun! Do your best, give it your all, and enjoy your time at the gym. Don’t forget to post your results on Instagram and tag us! We can’t wait to hear about how you crushed it.

Good luck!