Every day, you show up to the gym and go hard. You push your body to its limits. Eventually, you reach a plateau and you can’t figure out what you need to do to get past it. One major thing you’re missing is a focus on recovery.

There are many facets that make your body perform in the most efficient and optimal way possible. Of course, nutrition and training are large pieces to the puzzle, but perhaps the biggest piece — that most athletes skip — is recovery. We get it, it’s certainly not the most exciting, but many could argue that it’s the most necessary in the quest to become the best athlete you can possibly be.

Good news! We’ve taken the guesswork out and put together this handy list of tips to maximize your recovery.

How to Make the Most of Your Recovery

Foam Roll and Stretch

Due to the large amount of muscle mass that athletes usually acquire, we are generally not the most limber breed. To combat that, stretching and general bodywork are needed to perform to the best of our abilities. Even getting in a solid 10 minutes of foam rolling and/or stretching can dramatically improve your performance. The benefits of foam rolling can’t be denied. Science gives it two thumbs up.

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Rehydrate and Fuel Your Body

Water consumption is not only necessary to live but also to perform well. During the course of a workout, we lose a lot of water when we sweat. For this reason, it’s important to replace it throughout the day to avoid dehydration.

The same goes for food. Even if you aren’t aggressively hungry after training, eating nutritious food supports recovery. This also means eating carbohydrates in order to replace glycogen, which your muscles are depleted of during your session.

Get Enough Protein

Ah yes, protein. Believe it or not, it’s more than just a buzzword for the fitness-minded. For athletes specifically, protein plays a significant role in recovery as its purpose is to repair muscles. Basically, it’s what supports you in training hard day in and day out while simultaneously preventing injury. Whether it’s in the form of a shake or a full-on feast, be sure you’re getting it in.

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Sleep Like Your Life Depends on It

We cannot stress enough how important sleep is when it comes to recovery. You can work out every day like a total blast, but without an adequate amount of sleep, you probably won’t get too far. Not only will you be missing the energy to train well, but your body won’t have the opportunity to recover and repair itself. So, if you’re going to start anywhere, we’d suggest starting here.

Remember, training is when you break your body down. Sleep is when you build it back up.

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