Perchmount Fit – Record your CrossFit Open Workouts

Introducing the “Game Changer” from The WOD Life, the Perchmount Fit! This is the newest piece of equipment labelled a must have your gym bag or affiliate. It’s one of those pieces of equipment which helps you record your workout, without having to ask a friend or rest against some weight plates. The Perchmount Fit is a Universal Phone Mount, suitable for a wide range of Mobile Phones including both iPhones and Samsung.

With the CrossFit Open less than a handful of days away, this is the perfect piece of kit to pick up. CrossFit HQ now require any athletes aspiring to make it to Regionals to record their CrossFit Open Workouts. This device to take the pressure off your video recording and focus on achieving the best result in your workout. No more need for extra hands on deck down at your affiliate, this nifty gadget makes it super easy across the 5 weeks! Do your coach and judges a favour and pick up a few of these for your box!

The WOD Life are always looking for innovative products that make your lives easier! Record your workouts, track your movements, work on your skills and take the obligatory CrossFit selfies! This has been labelled the “game changer” at TWL HQ!

How does the Perchmount Fit work? Easy!

Here is another example of how an affiliate utilised the Perchmount Fit to record CrossFit Open Workout 13.5 in 2013.

You can purchase the Perchmount Fit at The WOD Life for $29.95.