“There’s no way Nike is going to come out with another Metcon,” you said. Well… guess again. The Nike Metcon 7 is upon us, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Nike had fun teasing us with this one. We knew it was coming, but for a while, no one really knew when. Then we heard whispers that the official release date globally was going to be July 9th, and here we are.

First, let’s talk about aesthetics. Nike is offering us all sorts of new looks and colors, including a black/metallic dark grey combo, chile red/black, and light smoke grey/violet haze/lilac. Remember when training shoes came in *maybe* two different colors? Those days are long behind us.

And as always, you can expect impeccable quality from the athletic giant. The Metcon’s seventh iteration features Nike React foam, giving you even better cushioning and support, essentially cradling your foot. When you slip into the Metcon 7s, you’re going to notice a little extra spring in your step. These are lightweight shoes that’ll be perfect for cardio and sprints.

The heel is wide and flat and is built with an inner plate that’ll help you to evenly spread the weight of your feet from one side of the shoe to the other. This is a big one. Unevenly distributed weight will not only throw you off during training — especially with movements like squats and the Olympic lifts. But over time, it can also lead to imbalances in strength and minor injury. Having a shoe that encourages you to spread your weight in a balanced manner is going to be in your best interest. As good as the Metcon 7s are for traditional cardio and functional fitness training, they’re equally suitable for weightlifting.

Nike Metcon 7s rope climbIn the Metcon 7, Nike also added a tab to the tongue. This helps to lock down the laces and keep you even more secure in the shoe (without it feeling too tight), no matter what your WOD throws at you. You’ll notice a hook-and-loop closure to help keep your laces out of the way.

Let’s talk about the rubber detailing, next. This has been revamped all over the shoe to improve the Metcon’s grip and traction even more. This feature will be especially important for rope climbs, which demand traction in your feet. But also think of sprint work and sled pushes. With sled push exercises, you’re forced to dig your feet into the ground. Shoes that slip make it harder to get the sled moving.

We’re really loving the handstand clip at the heel of the Metcon 7. It helps minimize heel drag during wall exercises like handstand push-ups and wall climbs — a minor but pesky annoyance.

The lightweight mesh that forms the shoe is also designed with textured overlays in the high-wear areas. We’re looking at a durable, long-lasting shoe that’s still breathable. This model uses flywire cables integrated with the laces to help secure your midfoot, and the grooves in the sole let your forefoot bend naturally and freely, without being too restrictive.

Overall, what are we looking at? The Metcon 7 is a shoe that you can wear for just about anything. Through sprint ladders and burpees, thrusters and max deadlifts, rope climbs and box jumps, this shoe is a Jack of all trades.

You’ll find this Metcon especially beneficial if you’re dealing with programming that takes you through a number of modalities within a single workout. For example, if you’re got a chipper that’s going to ask you to do power snatches and wall balls and sprints and heavy cleans, you don’t need to worry about changing your shoes midway. The Nike Metcon 7 is versatile enough and supportive in all the right ways, and it can get you through even the most varied WOD.

We’ve talked before about the importance of footwear. Everything starts with your feet. They’re what carry you throughout your day and connect you to the earth. Proper footwear that’s supportive, comfortable, functional, and durable is an absolute must. If you’re going to carry just one pair of shoes in your gym bag, Metcons are the way to go.

There’s a reason why Nike keeps evolving and reiterating on the Metcon: People love wearing it. It’s kind of like your little black dress — it never goes out of style.

Ready to grab your pair? Shop The WOD Life’s selection of Nike Metcon 7s today. (Psst! Don’t forget to check out the React Metcon Turbo training shoe, too!)