10 Things That Will Happen When You Start CrossFit

Not only will you develop a new appreciation for “Fit” but you will also learn a new language.

Whether you are a newbie or a veteran of CrossFit, take a look at The WOD Life’s 10 Things That Will Happen When You Start CrossFit.

1. You will truly find out how “Fit” and “In Shape” you really are

Oh so you run on the treadmill 3 times a week for 45 Minutes? That’s cute!

See that barbell over there? Do a front squat then press it over head. Then go over to that pull up bar over there and show me a pull up. Now do that 21 times, 15 times and then 9 times. Let me know when you are done…

No matter how “Fit” you think you are, CrossFit has been known to be super humbling. Mixing functional movements in with high intensity welcomes you to a whole new meaning of “Fit”.

2. You will start to develop another language

AMRAP, EMOM, WOD, RX, T2B and OHS are just a few of the acronyms  you will be throwing around on a daily basis.

That and the use of the word snatch will increase ten fold, finding it’s way into your every day vocabulary without even a chuckle.

3. You will find yourself living in Gym Clothes

These mere threads take on a whole new meaning of comfort.

Whether you are heading down to your local coffee shop, or kicking it around the house on a Sunday afternoon your wardrobe will start to fill up with Gym clothes.

The more WODs you do, the more you find yourself wearing WOD gear that shows your passion for CrossFit!

4. Your jeans start to get a little tighter fitting, especially in the Quads

The benefits of a heavy squat cycle, or increasing in strength is that your quads start to get larger.

As we all know, “Quads are the new Abs” so wear them loud and proud. Those skinny jeans you used to wear, will find themselves in a battle with your quads.

Not to mention the powerhouse you have built in those glutes forcing the cheeks of your jeans out!

5. Your washing will increase

Is it just me or does ever WOD result in me soaked through and needing a change of clothes? Add that up 5times per week and your drenched clothes are definitely going to need a wash.

Time to get friendly with that washing machine, you are going to have that bad boy running on repeat!

6. You will find yourself posting CrossFit #Selfies on Social Media

Tear your hand, hit a new Snatch PR or make a sweat angle?

Definitely all Social Media worthy posts. Drop them on Instagram, make it your profile photo on Facebook, tell everyone on twitter just how much of a bad ass you are!

Just don’t forget to #thewodlife!

7. You have a new appreciation for the meaning of “Sore”

Can’t lift your arms above your head? Oh, you must have met the WOD Eva:

Five rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
2 pood Kettlebell swing, 30 reps
30 Pull-ups

Hitting your WODs at a high intensity will push your limits and improve your fitness and performance. One indication of this is that you will start recognising muscles that you never had.

Make sure you recover accordingly. Get in some good food, supplement with protein and fish oil where required and work that mobility!

8. You will slowly see your “Globo Gym” friends asking you about CrossFit

Tired of running on a treadmill and hitting those same routines, day in, day out your friend’s will start asking you. “How is CrossFit”.

Then, it’s Game On! You progress to tell them how you PR’d your Snatch and that you are close to clinching your muscle up. You tell them you shaved 21 seconds off your Fran time.

Followed with a “Why don’t you come and check it out?”. Boom, another convert!

9. You will learn about your mental toughness & mental weakness

Each day you will be set challenges. By yourself, other athletes, your coach.

The barbell gets heavy. The wall ball target gets super tall. The pull up bar gets slippery. Dig deep, fight through.

Learn where your boundaries are and what you can do to push them. Convince your mind and the body will follow.

Regardless of how the WOD goes, we all get through to the other side. Make sure that when you make it you have given it your all and there is nothing left in the tank.

10. You will have a damn good time!

For many, CrossFit is just 1 hour out of their day. It’s a time to head to the box, say hi to your friends. Warm up, move, lift and sweat.

Throw out a few high 5’s and fist bumps. Push yourself to the limits then pick yourself up off the floor.

Smile in the fact that you knew you gave it your all, to become a better person. Walk out of the door with a sense of accomplishment, knowing the fun you had!

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