Maybe you’ve heard of Chad Wesley Smith. He owns Juggernaut Training Systems, he’s a top 20 ranked raw powerlifter of all time and he’s insanely strong. According to Juggernaut’s website, he can squat 435kg/959# with wraps, bench 257.5kg/567# and deadlift 367.5kg/810#. He’s also a professional Strongman athlete.

So yes, Chad Wesley Smith is strong.

Now, what happens when a powerlifter tries Olympic weightlifting? Amazing things, that’s what. Smith once made a trip to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and went on to snatch more than most dedicated weightlifters. In fact, he power snatched it. How much, you ask? Oh, just 125kg (or about 275#). Check it out!

Okay fine, so there was a tiny press-out, which probably would’ve meant white lights on a platform. But still — a 125kg power snatch from someone who doesn’t even regularly practice the Olympic lifts? Not too shabby.

Main image: Chad Wesley Smith/Facebook