“I don’t need another pair of training shoes,” you might be thinking. And we get it. There’s only so much room in your gym bag. But you might reconsider having a special pair of kicks specifically for your barbell training. Let’s briefly talk about some of the benefits of weightlifting shoes that you need to know about.

The Benefits of Weightlifting Shoes: 3 Ways They Help Your Training

So, exactly what are the benefits of weightlifting shoes? Here are just three.

1. The Slight Heel Improves Your Mobility

You might have noticed this specific feature — but why do weightlifting shoes have a raised heel?

Inov-8 Fastlift weightlifting shoes

The biggest reason is that it helps your positioning and makes it easier to work around your mobility (and any limitations you might have).

For instance, have you ever noticed that at the bottom of your squat, your heels raise and your knees cave in a little? That’s a sign that your squat mobility needs work. Yes, you should work on hip and glute mobility. But weightlifting shoes can also really come in handy. By propping your heels up just a little bit, it allows you to get in a safer and more efficient bottom position.

We know what you’re thinking: Are weightlifting shoes cheating because of the heal? No. Different sports and activities benefit from different gear. It’s that simple.

This is just one benefit of wearing weightlifting shoes. Let’s keep going.

2. The Base is Sturdier and More Stable

Have you ever noticed that weightlifting shoes feel a little heavier than your other training shoes? This is largely because there’s a lot more going on in the base/sole of the shoe.

If you’re going to be throwing around 100 kilos and tossing it overhead, you need a shoe that’s going to give you the strong and reliable foundation that weightlifting demands.

This feature is going to help you lift more weight and will also keep your feet and ankles safer.

3. They Help You Drive More Force Through Your Legs and Hips

When you wear regular training shoes for weightlifting, something happens: A lot of the force and explosiveness that your body generates goes into your feet and then the floor. In other words, it’s completely wasted.

Think of it like this: It’s almost like lifting weights on a mattress. You lose all that power.

With the way that weightlifting shoes are designed, you maintain the energy that you generate, which you can then transfer up through your body and into the barbell. This ultimately means that you can lift more with less effort.

So, are weightlifting shoes worth it? We say yes, 100%. Now, what are the best weightlifting shoes for you? There are a number of reliable options to choose from, and much of it comes down to preference. Start with The WOD Life’s collection of weightlifting shoes. Shop with us today!