The 2022 CrossFit Open kicks off on February 24, and final preparations are in progress. Since many of us will be doing the workouts from home, what will you need? CrossFit revealed the equipment list for this year’s competition. These are all of the things that will possibly come into play.

The CrossFit Open Equipment List for 2022: Everything You Might Need

If you want to be as ready as possible, here’s everything you should have handy. (This is for both Rx’d and scaled athletes.)

1. Dumbbell

For this year’s Open, you only need one dumbbell — a big plus for those of us competing from home. Rx’d needs one 50/35-lb dumbbell (for men and women, respectively). Scaled requires one 35/20-lb dumbbell. And scaled for ages 14-15 and 55+ will need one 20/10-lb dumbbell.

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2. Barbell

More than likely, you can expect some barbell movements. (Thrusters, anyone?) This one’s pretty simple. Men use a 45-lb barbell, and women compete with a 35-lb barbell.

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By the way, if working with a barbell does a real number on your hands (understandable), be prepared with items like chalk or tape.

3. Bumper Plates

Odds are that HQ isn’t going to have us doing any empty barbell events this year. For 2022, CrossFit says that you should have ready standard bumper plates and collars. If you haven’t invested in a full set yet, you could buy all the plates you’ll possibly need at once. (You’re going to use them in your everyday training anyway.) Or, if you only have a few weights you’re missing, you could grab whatever individual pairs you need.

Clips or collars are important for keeping the plates secure. Otherwise, as you lift and drop the barbell, they can start to slide off.

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4. Plyo Box

Hello, box jumps! They frequently make an appearance in the Open. The box jump height standard is going to be 24 inches for men and 20 inches for women. The top surface should be at least 15 x 15 inches. But keep in mind that if you need to scale it (which is totally okay!), most boxes are designed to be flipped around so that they offer different height options, like this one:

Morgan foam plyo box

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5. Pull-Up Bar

The only requirement here is that your pull-up bar must allow for all of your standard hanging movements, as well as kipping. Importantly, remember that you always need to start from a dead hang, meaning that your arms are completely straight.

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6. Jump Rope

Bring on the double-unders (or singles!). The only requirement for a rope? Just to have one. Here are five things to look for in a speed rope:

  1. Adjustable handles
  2. A smooth spin
  3. A lighter weight
  4. A durable cable
  5. Compact and easy to carry around

Because we typically perform double-unders in high reps, having a speed rope that spins quickly and easily is crucial. Otherwise, you have to work harder to get the rope around your body, instead of it happening more effortlessly. Ideally, a quick flick of the wrist is all it takes.

And importantly, as long as you get a rope that’s adjustable, you don’t have to worry about the length. You can adjust it so that it perfectly fits your height and comfort.

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7. Wall Space

Handstand push-ups? Wall walks? Who knows? All we know is that CrossFit is recommending athletes have enough wall space to get the job done. As long as you can safely flip upside down without knocking into anything, you’re good!

So, those are CrossFit’s recommendations. But we have a few other items we’d like to suggest.

The WOD Life’s Suggestions for Open “Extras”

Here are three more things you might find really helpful for this year’s Open (and your training, in general).

Hand Grips

Just about everything you do requires the use of your hands. And barbell, dumbbell, and pull-up bar work, in particular, can leave you with rips, tears, and blisters. If you’re not careful, all that kipping can make it hard to even finish the Open. Show up prepared with a pair of hand grips.

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Knee Sleeves

Knee sleeves offer a few benefits. First, they keep the joint lubricated and warm, so that you can squat more safely and easily. Also, the compression that they offer means that you’ll experience less wear and tear, post-workout soreness, and thus, your recovery time will be shorter and easier. We call that a major win.

Plus, knee sleeves help you get out of the bottom of squats and lunges just a little bit easier, due to the extra support and compression they provide.

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Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps support the joint and help you keep the barbell more stable. This is helpful especially if you’re dealing with front squat wrist mobility and this position is a little uncomfortable. Athletes also wear wrist wraps when working on the pull-up bar. Additionally, they can make any upside-down movements (handstand push-ups, etc.) more comfortable.

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Are you feeling ready for the 2022 Open? We sure are! It’s one of the best times of the year. You still have time to stock up on everything you might need, but don’t wait. The big day is going to be here before you know it.