Everybody needs motivation in their life. No matter how much you love working out, there will be days when you’re just not feeling it. Seeing others who are fit and doing well just might boost your drive and remind you of your goals. There’s never a time you need this more than during the Open.

These inspiring functional fitness athletes aren’t just major fitness goals; they are also doing things that have a positive impact and are contributing greatly to our community. These are leaders and innovators who once started how we all did — at level zero. If they can make it to the level they are at now, then surely you can too.

Whatever it is that is putting you in a slump or the excuses you make up, these six individuals can change things up for you. Be sure to check out their Instagram profiles where you can find helpful content such as workouts, fitness tips and more.

6 Athletes Who Inspire Us

1. Lauren Fisher (@laurenfisher)

Lauren Fisher is like any ordinary 25-year-old. She works hard, hangs out with friends, enjoys traveling — and did we mention she makes time to be a top athlete? If this girl can focus on her business while dedicating time to hit the box, the rest of us have no excuse to skip the gym today! She’s been to the Games both as an individual and on a team, and she’s crushed it every single time.

Lauren has a YouTube channel detailing her fitness journey. Coming from a family that’s active in sports, it came to her naturally. She believes that everyone has a gift, and she believes hers is fitness. If you want to find out how she started in the sport, you can check out this video.

2. Mathew Fraser (@mathewfras)

Mat is the Champion of the 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 Games. What could be more inspirational than that? With his unwavering commitment to fitness, like any other athlete, you’re sure to feel a boost in motivation.

Aside from the sport, Mat also dabbles in cycling, fishing, range shooting, motorbikes — big motorbikes — and an assortment of fun adventures. He has a degree in mechanical engineering too!

Starting out in Olympic weightlifting before going into functional fitness, Mat has done a lot to change the game.

3. Rich Froning (@richfroning)


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This legend has won the Fittest Man on Earth title four times. Need we say more? Rich approaches the sport with the mindset, “It’s not necessarily that I like to win, but I hate losing more.” Remember that when you do functional fitness, the fact that you accepted the challenge already makes you a winner. A couple more wins would be fun, right?

Proud of this team! On to the next one. @roguefitness Photocred: @johncropper

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Rich doesn’t adhere to a specific diet and instead listens to his body — a good reminder to not be so hard on yourself. Now, he’s dedicated to running his own affiliate gym, CrossFit Mayhem.

4. Will Arrufat (@willthetrainer)

As his Instagram handle states, Will is a trainer and functional fitness enthusiast. One of his biggest strengths is he is always delivering something new. Will writes out daily workouts for you so you can go at your own pace. And what’s a coach who doesn’t cheer you on? Will often sprinkles in motivational messages. Keep these in mind to stay inspired as you sweat buckets.

No excuses… Just get under the bar and punch that time card! #dowork #comptraining #builtbybergeron

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If there’s anyone who can say, “If there’s a will, there’s a way,” it’s Will. He gives workouts that are doable at home without much equipment. If you don’t feel like going to gym, that doesn’t mean you have to skip your workout.

5. Jay Maryniak (@jtm_fit)

Jay Maryniak didn’t let his type 1 diabetes stop him from pursuing his love for fitness. Based in New York, the personal fitness trainer was unfazed by the news — even when it came right after he placed first in a competition.

If you’re living with a health condition, Jay is the perfect inspiration. He doesn’t stick to one thing. He likes to use a variety of workouts by integrating cardio, strength training, kickboxing, gymnastics and more.

Jay’s Instagram is full of videos about his workouts for the day, but also contains guides on what not to do. He adds some motivational fitness quotes in there as well for good measure.

Whatever it is you’re going through, whatever it is bogging you down, there is inspiration everywhere. Keep yourself motivated by looking up to those who came before you. You can do this.

6. Tia-Clair Toomey (@tiaclair1)

For years, Toomey kept her head down and eyes up, always focused on her goals ahead. In 2017, it all paid off when she won the coveted title of fittest woman on earth.

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Her win was an emotional one. Toomey climbed the functional fitness ladder rather quickly and proved anything is possible if you’re willing to work for it. Nothing scares this woman, which probably helps explain why she’s the only person to compete in the Games and go to the Olympics in the same year. This is the stuff legends are made of. (Check out our interview with Toomey!)

Main image: Lauren Fisher/Facebook