If you know functional fitness, you know Rich Froning. How could you not? He was once dubbed the Fittest Man in History after winning four back-to-back individual CrossFit Games championships (2011-2014). Now retired from individual comps, he’s spent much of his time leading Team CrossFit Mayhem to victory.

How did he get so incredibly fit? Well, luckily for us admirers and fellow athletes, Froning posts some of his workouts on his Instagram. “Before trying any of [my] workouts, make sure you have the capacity to do the movements,” Rich Froning tells The WOD Life in an email. “Look up the correct scales for the movements if you don’t have the capacity (which most of the time we have listed), and keep in the target times which are usually listed in the description.” Simply put, scale appropriately.

Ready to give some of his workouts a try? We’ve compiled 8 WODS scripted by Rich Froning below.

8 WODs From Rich Froning

WOD #1

Looking for a WOD you’ll feel in your arms and legs and core? If your box has a pegboard, try this interval-style couplet with dumbbell walking lunges and peg board climbs. Froning does the pegboard unbroken, but don’t be too hard on yourself — he is the GOAT.

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2 Sets

3 Rounds

  • 100’ dumbbell walking lunge (50/35)
  • 3 peg board

Rest as long as it took you to complete the first set, before moving on to the second set.

WOD #2

If you haven’t already tried this previous Team Qualifying Event #1 of the CrossFit LowLand Throwdown, you might want to now that you know Froning and his team gave it a go. Grab another athlete, and do the two-person partner-WOD version of that workout.

With a partner on a 14-minute running clock, perform for time:

  • 100-calorie row
  • 75 box jumps

Then, in the remaining time, establish a 1RM overhead squat each.

WOD #3

This baby is going to tax your grip faster than you can say CrossFit Mayhem. With each movement, you’ll have to prove whether or not you have the guts to hold on. Or, if you’re doing quick singles, whether or not you have what it takes to get back on that bar. Our advice? Move like Froning is watching.

For time

  • 30 power snatch 185/125
  • Rest 5:00
  • 30 clean and jerk 225/155
  • Rest 5:00
  • 30 muscle-up

WOD #4

With the same rep scheme as girl WOD Amanda, Climbing Amanda introduces legless rope climbs to the game. If you were wondering how Froning got THAT good, here’s a clue: He and his training crew did Climbing Amanda twice — starting the second one at the 10-minute mark. “Once was sufficient,” he says.

For Time

“Climbing Amanda”


Legless rope climb


Squat snatch 135/95

WOD #5

Nothing says “Rich Froning” quite like a deceivingly hard workout that involves manhandling a heavy-ass dumbbell. In this WOD, the Games champ worked up to a heavy set of three dumbbell power snatches, three dumbbell snatches, and three overhead squats — and then did five sets there, per side.

The goal here is to do the heaviest weight you can handle. His heaviest sets were done at 100 pounds (which he says is only because that’s the heaviest weight CrossFit Mayhem has) — but chances are yours are going to be half that or less.

For Time, as Heavy as Possible

5 heavy sets on each side

  • 3 DB power snatch
  • 3 DB squat snatch
  • 3 OHS

WOD #6

What Froning calls “an old classic,” this barbell couplet is S-P-I-C-Y. Set up two barbells with the same weight. Then, work through these power clean and bench descending rep schemes. If nothing else, do it in the name of a chest pump.

For Time


  • Bench 225/155
  • Power clean 225/155
  • Rest 5:00


  • Power clean 225/155
  • Bench 225/155

WOD #7

Looking to tax your entire upper body? Try this eight-rounder. One commenter calls it “death” while another calls it a “great little workout!” Froning suggests seeing if you can go sub 30 minutes, with the rest.

Option: Set up a handstand walking obstacle halfway through the handstand walking portion. That’s what Froning would do.

8 Rounds for Time

  • 21 push-up
  • 15-calorie row
  • 90’ handstand walk
  • 3 rope climb (no jump, to 15’)

Rest 1 minute between rounds

WOD #8

Ready to work on two of your weaknesses at once? Try this muscle-up and dumbbell step-over couplet and prepare to say adios to your grip!

AMRAP 8:00

1, 2, 3, 4… Muscle-ups

alternative with

10 24/20” dumbbell box step over with 50/35

Main image: Rich Froning/Instagram