Snap on your fanny pack. Grab your Gameboy. Lace up your high-tops. Something’s happening.

You probably know how much we love coming up with fun and funky limited edition designs for you. And recently, we were feeling a bit nostalgic.

As adults, we tend to get swept up in our many responsibilities. You have bills to pay, a job to oversee, maybe a family to take care of. Taxes. Appointments. Work. Work. Work. How would it feel to take it back a few decades (has it already been that long?!) and relive some of the best years that some of us remember?

Good news: You can.

Meet our newest limited edition print: Bangin’!

This ’90s edition print features recognizable bright neon colors, retro stereos, headphones, cassette tapes, and high-top sneakers. At first glance, you’ll see that the print is perfectly, inescapably, totally ’90s. We can almost hear Clueless playing in the background.

Check it out!

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As always, you can expect a full line-up of gear, including shorts for men and women, socks, sports bras, tees, and hairpieces. Score! Not only are the designs all that, but each piece was built with you — the athlete — in mind. All designs are also highly functional. Our shorts provide the right comfort and flexibility. (Check out that high waist for the ladies! It’s the exact amount of coverage you’re looking for.) Our sports bras are supportive without being suffocating. It’s apparel that fits you perfectly as you hit that next big PB. Durable. Breathable. And pretty darn good to look at. That’s how The WOD Life does it.

Wear it to the box. The arcade. The office. (Maybe.) Wherever you go, you’ll certainly make a statement with Bangin’.

Buy it for yourself. Grab it for a friend. Shop one piece. Nab ’em all. We double dog dare you. The ’90s may be long over, but this iconic decade will never die. And there’s no better time to get your ’90s on than for your next WOD.

We may not be able to go back in time, but our wardrobe certainly can. Ready to update your fitness apparel with a serious throwback? Don’t miss out. Shop now. Cowabunga, friends!