Mastering muscle-ups is every athlete’s dream. Long before many of us can even do a single strict pull-up, we’re swinging wildly from the rings trying to magically figure out flawless muscle-up technique. If you’ve been working on yours but can’t quite figure it out, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet might have the answer.

In an Instagram video, she gave a helpful tip for practicing the kip, plus two things you want to avoid.

@clbnation #onlineprogram link in bio “ ‘ Little muscle-up swing work!! First video is how I like to practice those the best! Keeping my body long and making sure I keep tension on the ring by pushing and pulling…. the ring should go in front of your head to behind your head… love putting the ball ?? between my legs to keep those long as they help following the keep created…. ‘ “ Second video is what not to do!! Where the athlete only push on the ring and do not pull back! You can see that the ring stay over my head the whole time therefor I am not positioning myself for success… you will have to pull a lot more to get above and the swing is giving you almost nothing as you lose energy by not keeping tension on the ring!! “ ‘ Third video is when you don’t keep your body long and go in hyper extension… you really want to recruit as much of the core musculature here to produce a good transfer of energy and that get tamed down if you do not keep your core engaged through the movement!!! I hope those little trick help you guys ??

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They’re such a cool movement that we’re in a hurry to get there, but patience is a virtue. Building the foundation will not only make things easier in the long run, but it’ll also protect you from injury. Do things the right way, and your body will thank you for it.

If you need more guidance, check out our blog on a complete breakdown of muscle-ups and look at the movement piece by piece.

Main image: Camille Leblanc-Bazinet/Instagram