How to Wash Your Rehband Knee Sleeves

Ever workout so hard, that your knee sleeves absolute stink? Have you tried washing them, but the problem get’s worse.

We have all been there. Here are some methods that will help you clean up those stinky knee sleeves and stop getting all those weird looks around the box.



The vinegar combined with the boiling of your knee sleeves helps fight against the bacterial and stench. As a simple household item, vinegar assists to removes the odours while also softening and brightening your knee sleeves so they are almost as good as new.


You will need 60 to 120ml of Vinegar, distilled white vinegar being the best and 3 liters of water.


Step 1 – Boil the water

Step 2 – Mix in the Vinegar

Step 3 – Soak for 30 minutes, stirring regularly.

Step 4 – Take the knee sleeves out and put in the wash with detergent

Step 5 – Air Dry inside out.

How often?

This depends on how hard you train, but our suggestion is to wash every week. The weekend works well or during your rest day. Just give enough time to ensure that the sleeves are 100% dry!

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