There’s no denying that unbeatable dedication, a solid work ethic, and a whole lot of blood, sweat, and tears are behind Rich Froning’s massive success in the game of fitness; but could he have one little trick up his sleeve that helps him endure exhausting workouts?

One part of functional fitness that plays a huge role in improving your game is learning how to pace yourself — finding a good speed and learning how to rest enough but not too long; and if videos of Froning are any indication, he may have found the answer: counting your breaths.

In the video below, the speaker makes an interesting discovery and points out how Froning takes a specific number of breaths in between reps, typically one or two. Every time he drops the bar, you can see his shoulders rise and fall as he takes a deep breath, before beginning the next rep. See him in action below.

Like a true pro, Froning doesn’t let exhaustion get the best of him. After his one- or two-breath “rest” period, he gets right back on the bar. Sure, athletes know to take minimal rest and maybe count a few seconds or so before they get back at it; but could Froning’s trick be the better answer to faster times and higher reps?

Either way, we know one thing for certain: the man’s a legend. #beastmode

Main image: Rich Froning/Facebook