People love a fresh start. A clean slate. It’s why we always wait until next week to start improving ourselves mentally and physically, or next month, or next year. New Year’s resolutions are on most of our to-do lists; but sadly, statistics say we hardly ever stick to them. Setting goals you can keep is challenging, but making change for the better is a must. How do we conquer this obstacle? There’s one answer, for sure: don’t wait until next week to start attacking your goal. Next month. 2018. Start right now. And we’re here to tell you that CrossFit is the perfect way to go. Here’s why.

Why it Can’t Wait

“New year, new me.” We’re obsessed with this, probably for a few reasons. For starters, it’s ever so climactic. There’s this dramatic countdown where you think to yourself, “Two weeks left until I turn my life around. One week. Three more days left. Better make the most of it.” It’s exciting and exhilarating; and make the most of it, we do. When we know we have limited time left to enjoy our current habits, we live it up. I’ll be the first to admit that in the past, as I was finishing off a box of Oreos, I thought, “Oh well. I won’t be able to do this anymore come the new year, so I might as well enjoy it now.”

Aside from the excitement we feel simply anticipating a big change coming up, procrastinating also gives us an excuse not to change for the time being. We can continue staying in our comfort zone, where we eat cake for dinner and never set foot inside a gym.

Adam Mansy

The problem arrives once the new year starts. Attacking this new project of getting leaner or eating healthier or quitting smoking is fun at first, because it’s new. But the novelty inevitably wears off. Life goes on as normal, and you make a startling realization: “Oh, I have to work hard at this every day.” By February, we’ve lost interest.

While the new year may seem like the most opportune time to adopt healthier habits, in reality, it’s just another day. You don’t need a new year to be a new you. You need to change your habits, plain and simple; and you can do that right now.

Ready to make some changes? Good for you! Don’t go joining that globo gym just yet, though. Here’s why you should give CrossFit some serious consideration.

Why CrossFit?

You know that excitement we just talked about that comes from doing something new and unfamiliar? Imagine getting that all the time. That’s CrossFit. Constantly varied. Constantly fun. You don’t have the chance to get bored or lose interest, because every day you go in, you get to do something different. On a similar note, all of the programming is done for you! Many of us tend to underestimate how hard it is to program our own workouts.

Jess Coughlan

Something else CrossFit gyms have that others don’t is experienced coaches. If your technique is off or they have a helpful cue, you’ll fare much better than you ever could on your own. Nobody can catch all of their own mistakes. A coach, however, does it for a living.

Lastly, there’s the camaraderie. The CrossFit community is unlike any other. They will become your family. They’ll push you. They’ll be the reason you show up day after day. You can’t get this kind of family anywhere else.

There’s no time like the present. Find a local affiliate by your home or office and drop in for a class today. You’ll be glad you did.