Anzac Day 2017 – Hero WODs

The ANZAC day public holiday is not like other public holidays. It is a day of remembrance, reflection and honouring sacrifice.

We are sure that many of you will be attending a Dawn Service and afterwards heading to your box. As Australian’s we all embody the ANZAC Spirit.  One way in which our community can collectively do this is through throwing down and finishing a HERO WOD.

The WOD Life has compiled a list of three Australian Hero WOD’s which you may choose to do to honour a fallen Australian Soldier on this very important day.

1 – “WOOD”

5 Rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
10 Burpee box jumps, 24″ box
95 pound Sumo-deadlift high-pull, 10 reps
95 pound Thruster, 10 reps
Rest 1 minute


Australian Army Sergeant Brett Wood, 32, of Ferntree Gully, Victoria, assigned to the 2nd Commando Regiment, based in Sydney, New South Wales, died on May 23, 2011, in Helmand province, Afghanistan, after insurgents attacked him with an improvised explosive device. He is survived by his wife Elvi, his mother Allison, and his father David. Donations can be made in his name to the Commando Welfare Trust.

2 – “BAIRD”


MEN: 13 minutes
600m run buy in, 2min CAP – on the 2min mark the 1 min rounds commence. Run under 2mins do extra pull ups, Run over 2mins AMRepsAP the remaining 1min or over 3mins move to the next minute of movements.

then into

3 Rounds AMRepsAP

WOMEN: 14 minutes

600m run buy in, 3min CAP – on the 3min mark the 1 min rounds
commence. Run under 3mins do extra pull ups, Run over 3mins AMRepsAP the remaining 1min or over 4mins move to the next minute of movements.

then into

3 Rounds AMRepsAP

1 min Pull-Ups
1 min Deadlifts 90kg/70kg
1 min Lateral Burpees
1 min rest (rounds 1 and 2 only)


CPL Baird died how he lived, at the front; giving his all without any indecision. He always programmed pull-ups, deadlifts and burpees to maintain his high standard of fitness. These movements were common on Baird’s battlefield; pulling himself over a wall, carrying a wounded mate, or taking cover when the enemy started firing. The ‘rest’ is recovery and preparation time for the next round, or in Baird’s case the next course of action on the battlefield.


2 rounds of:-

200m run
16 kettlebell swings (24/16kg)
16 pull-ups
16 front squats (50/30kg)
200m run
14 kettlebell swings (24/16kg)
14 pull-ups
14 front squats (50/30kg)
200m run
12 kettlebell swings (24/16kg)
12 pull-ups
12 front squats (50/30kg)

gallagher & Mcdonald

Mervyn McDonald & Nathanael Gallagher

PTE Galagher & LCPL McDonald were serving together with the Special Operations Task Group in Afghanistan when they were tragically killed in a helicopter crash on 30 August, 2012. 


10 rounds of:-

5 pull-up
10 push-ups
15 sit-ups
20 squats
400m run


Signaller Sean McCarthy was killed in a road-side bomb attack in the Uruzgan Province during operations in Afghanistan on Tuesday 8 July 2008.  25 year old Signaller McCarthy was from the Perth-based Special Air Service Regiment (SASR).

Keep Sean McCarthy and all the other soldiers that fight on our behalf in your mind when doing this WOD, and when the going gets tough, remember how hard these men & women have it whilst just doing their “job”.



Squat Snatch – 50kgs

Kettlebell Swings – 32kg

Toes to Bar


100 Double Unders

For Time

MTF - 3 Portrait

1985-2011 Private Matthew Lambert was killed during operations in Afghanistan on 22 August 2011.

Private Lambert was a member of the Mentoring Task Force – Three and was from the 2nd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (2RAR) based in Townsville, North Queensland. Private Lambert is survived by his spouse, parents and family.

Private Lambert was born in Kogarah, NSW, in 1985. He joined the Army from southern Queensland enlisting in the 9th Battalion, Royal Queensland Regiment in August 2005, transferring to the Australian Regular Army in February 2007 and posted to 2RAR in Townsville. Private Lambert is described as a well respected soldier who excelled in any task he was assigned, and was looking forward to serving his country in Afghanistan.

Lest We Forget.

If you have other Hero WODs you would like us to include in this post, please comment below.