What a week. What a year. 

CrossFit — and more specifically, CEO Greg Glassman — received major criticism over the last several days. It first started with HQ’s silence during BLM. To be accurate, they have since addressed this in a published statement entitled “Why Didn’t CrossFit Just Say Something?” and apologized for their inaction.

The situation was only magnified when Glassman tweeted something many found racist and insensitive. To make matters worse, an email he sent to a long-term affiliate owner made its way to the internet and people were less than thrilled, to say the least.

The criticism has been fierce.

Many of the sport’s top athletes called him out by name, denouncing his words and showing their support for the community. Boxes are dropping their affiliations. Nicole Carroll, Julie Foucher, and Matt Chan all resigned from CrossFit Inc.

Now, big changes are happening. CrossFit has confirmed that Greg Glassman is not just stepping down as CEO but is also retiring.

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There was only one likely replacement for Glassman. In the full statement, available on CrossFit.com, Dave Castro adds, “I’m honored to take on the role of CEO of CrossFit, Inc. I hope to do right by affiliates, trainers, athletes, and other members of the CrossFit community around the world and never lose sight of the mission Greg established for us all.”

We’re all learning to try to be better people. CrossFit has been a community and family for so many of us over the years. Here’s hoping that positive change is ahead.

Main image: 60 Minutes/Facebook