So, you’re ready to get a new pair of training shoes. You certainly have plenty of options. How can you pick the right pair for your functional fitness training? Here are a few things you want to look out for, and why they matter.

Training Shoes for Functional Fitness: 3 Things to Look For

1. Versatility

You know CrossFit’s credo: constantly varied. This means that you’re going to need a training shoe that can keep up with whatever the WOD throws at you.

It needs to be light enough that it won’t weigh you down on the pull-up bar or during burpees. But it also needs to be stable enough for heavy squats and Olympic lifting.

The Reebok Nano does this perfectly, especially with integrated support for multidirectional movement. Plus, the FloatRide Energy Foam provides lightweight cushioning and a more responsive ride, meaning that no matter what you’re doing, your foot is both protected and supported.

male athlete doing box jumps wearing reebok nano x2

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2. Durable but Flexible

Think about the wear and tear that your training shoes go through in even just a single day. It’s intense. Lower-quality shoes will start to fray, rip, and come apart at the soles. Therefore, having a training shoe that’s strong and durable — while still giving you the room you need to breathe and move — is going to make a huge difference in your training.

Nike Metcons strike a perfect balance here. They’re tougher and more stable with a wide, flat heel, making them perfect for weight training. However, the React foam means that they’re also great for high-intensity cardio. The additional grooves in the sole let your forefoot bend naturally, making the shoe flexible and a little more forgiving.

Furthermore, the Metcon 7s are made with revamped rubber wraps that go up your arch, giving you more of a grip during rope climbs without wearing down the shoe. Rubber tread protects them while also providing traction, and the handstand clip at the heel maintains durability while minimizing drag during wall exercises.

All in all, you get the best of all worlds: toughness, flexibility, and functionality.

Nike Metcon 7

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3. Comfort

Versatility is important. Durability matters. Flexibility plays a role. But it’s all a moot point if your training shoes, plain and simple, don’t feel good.

Shoes that rub and leave you with blisters are a no-go. Sore muscles in your feet and aching ankles aren’t going to cut it. It’s crucial to your wellbeing and performance that your functional fitness training shoes cradle and hold your feet the way you need.

When you’re shopping around, keep your eyes open for features like the Reebok Nano’s FloatRide Energy Foam, or the Nike Metcon 7s React foam. Also look for things like the Metcon 7’s lightweight mesh, which will keep your feet cool, and the tab that locks down the laces with a hook-and-loop closure.

These details make a huge difference in how you’ll feel and perform.

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