We’ve all eagerly awaited updates on how CrossFit’s 2021 competitive season would look. Between new ownership and a worldwide pandemic, we knew things might be looking very different — but how?

CrossFit released its competition rulebook for the year. It’s a solid 22 pages, and you might find it an interesting read. For now, we’re going to call out some of the more notable changes and other important highlights.

The Open

With the Open just around the corner, here are some changes that you can expect.

Participation From Home

HQ is making it easy to participate no matter where you are. If you have equipment available to you, whether you’re at a gym or at home, all you’ll need is a dumbbell, barbell with plates, plyo box, jump rope, and someplace to do pull-ups.

However, there will also be an equipment-free version of each Open workout — perfect for those areas of the world still dramatically affected by coronavirus.

Adaptive Divisions

Eric Roza made good on his promise to make the Open even more inclusive, with the addition of 16 adaptive divisions, including seated athletes with hip function, seated athletes without hip function, and neuromuscular, among others. And for the first time, they also get their own leaderboard!

Sanctionals Are Out

They got a lot of heat last year, and HQ listened. Instead, we’ll have Quarterfinals and Semifinals, which will culminate with the Games. The top 10% of men and women in the Open for each continent qualify for the Quarterfinals. The top 25% of teams per continent will qualify.

The Affiliate Cup is Back

Any affiliate in good standing can register a team for the Affiliate Cup team competition. Teams must consist of two men and two women, but unlike Sanctionals, the athletes must train primarily at the same affiliate.

This almost certainly won’t be the last of the changes we see! Stay tuned for more updates.

Main image: Derek Weida/Instagram