Change is here. For real. Officially. And there’s no stopping it. Many will say it’s long overdue, and their demand for help has been heard loud and clear. Eric Roza took to social media recently to announce that he is in the final stages of purchasing CrossFit from former CEO Greg Glassman.

Check out his full Twitter announcement below.

He makes big promises, and Roza has already managed to renew many people’s faith in the sport. In the weeks since the announcement of Glassman’s departure and Roza’s arrival, many athletes have voiced their hope that better things are coming — like Noah Ohlsen, who had previously said he could no longer be a part of CrossFit.

Nicole Carroll — who’s been a part of the sport longer than most — also came back.

It won’t be easy. Change doesn’t happen at the surface. Real, lasting change happens when you get to the core of the issue. And as we’ve learned recently, there are a lot of issues to be addressed and resolved here.

Roza is saying all the right things, and we’re excited to see him deliver.

Main image: Eric Roza/Instagram