Hi friend,

We know that 2021 was hard. You just wanted this year to be better. You’re so ambitious, so you set resolutions for yourself and swore you’d keep them.

And then, life happened. Work happened. Responsibilities and stress happened. Perhaps without even realizing it, you blew your resolutions. It feels as if everything’s ruined. Now what?

We’re here to tell you this: It’s okay.

First of all, you have to know that you’re not alone. Six months after setting yearly resolutions, only about 46% of us are successful in sticking to them. By the end of the year, only 9% of us will actually feel successful. It’s not just you. So many people struggle with working toward their goals for an entire year nonstop. (A whole year — of course it’s hard to do something for a whole year!)

Why does this happen? There are a lot of possible reasons. Maybe you discovered that the goals you set weren’t exactly realistic. It’s totally understandable. You go into this with the best intentions, but sometimes, life just gets to be too much. Or maybe you set too many goals — something that we, as ambitious folks ourselves — can really relate to. Perhaps life threw you a major curveball — something you never could’ve predicted. Let’s face it: The last couple of years haven’t exactly been easy.

So, we just want you to know something really important: Go easy on yourself, okay?

The WOD Life is a community where we all meet to become better versions of ourselves. Helping people evolve into stronger, healthier, happier humans is important to us. However, we also want you to know that just because you haven’t perfectly stuck to your resolutions, that doesn’t mean you’ve failed.

Read that last sentence again.

Look at this as an opportunity to learn and grow. Fine, so your original resolutions haven’t panned out. How can you adjust them to make them more feasible for you?

Maybe you planned on hitting the gym five times a week, but your job or COVID or family responsibilities are making that difficult. Can you commit to four? Three? Can you get one of those workouts in at home? What about swapping out a WOD for a long walk around the neighborhood?

Maybe you committed to a super “clean” diet (one of those nutrition myths we’re not a huge fan of anyway), and quickly learned this wasn’t reasonable… or enjoyable. You know what? That’s more than fine. You’re human. Enjoy the cake. Have a cookie. Grab those fries. Just try to remember to include healthy foods that are going to fuel you and help you feel amazing.

Repeat after us: “I am a human. I am not a machine.”

You did not mess up. You did not blow it. You merely learned that these goals might not be the right fit for you, plain and simple. Instead of trying to be perfect, try to be just a little bit better than you were yesterday. You are already enough.

And remember, progress is progress, period. Are you constantly tired? Progress is sleeping more. Are you always stressed out? Progress is spending five minutes meditating today. You don’t have to move mountains to become a better person. It might be as simple as having an extra glass of water or turning off your gadgets earlier in the evening.

We believe in you. We see you. We hear you. Never forget how incredible you are, regardless of what your resolutions are telling you. You’re doing amazing.

We’re always cheering you on.

With love,

The WOD Life Family