A five-kilo personal best on a lift. Finally stringing together those butterfly pull-ups. Mastering double-unders — sans whip marks — in a WOD. Some accomplishments are easier to measure than others. But just because a victory is small, doesn’t mean it is any less important. Here are six PRs you should never forget to celebrate.

1. Staying Consistent With Your Training

In order to see progress, the first step is showing up. While using Wodify (or your log of preference), pay attention to not only the progress you’re seeing in your lifts and workouts but also your check-ins. When you hit the box consistently four times a week, celebrate what your newly formed habit could mean in terms of your lifts, stamina, weight and mental health. In the words of Bill Belichick: “No days off.”

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2. Not Quitting During a Workout

We all have that one workout that leaves us on our backs and gasping for air — that day where nothing is going right and we have no energy. It’s easy to cherry-pick workouts or to give up when the WOD gets hard. Don’t beat yourself up for not feeling your best, but instead celebrate that you made a decision to persevere instead. It doesn’t matter what time you finish a workout in. What matters is that you gave it your all.

3. Improving Your Lifting Form

Technique matters and is crucial in avoiding injury. As CrossFitters, we tend to rush through movements in our WODs; and as we get tired, we can get sloppy or form bad habits. When you are practicing snatches and realize you maintain a tight back throughout the pull or when you clean and stay strong in the bottom position, be proud of yourself — even if you ultimately drop the lift. It’s still a win because you are paying attention and self-correcting those minor details.

4. Resting Less During a WOD

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Sometimes, we use burpees as an opportunity to take a little cat nap; or maybe you stop in between every kipping pull-up to grab your water. Rest and learning how to pace yourself are crucial to every workout; but it’s also important to keep moving. If you find yourself stringing more reps together or resting just a couple seconds between movements — something you never used to do — give yourself some credit.

5. Getting More Flexible

Foam rolling is great but it won’t solve all of your problems. When you take the time every day to add mobility accessory work like banded stretches or go through a ROMWOD routine, you’ll find the bottom of your squat is a little closer to the ground or your shoulders have a wider range of motion, both of which will get you a step closer to your larger fitness milestones. As you’re touching your toes, be sure to give yourself a pat on the back.

6. Trying New Things


CrossFit is rooted in the idea of functional fitness, which means you can and should apply your skills and strength outside of your local box. Run a road race; learn how to rock climb; give surfing a go. When you do any activity outside of your comfort zone, it’s a victory because it means you are learning to find joy in discomfort, which is how you grow in all your fitness (and life) practices.