Week 3 of the 2022 Semifinals is in the books, and another group of remarkable athletes has secured their tickets to the CrossFit Games. Our predictions were strong, and here are the five competitors who came out on top this weekend for the men and women.

Granite Games


  1. Brent Fikowski – 520 points
  2. Phil Toon – 496 points
  3. Travis Mayer – 492 points
  4. Samuel Kwant – 466 points
  5. Colten Mertens – 438 points


  1. Mallory O’Brien – 576 points
  2. Amanda Barnhart – 520 points
  3. Dani Speegle – 504 points
  4. Alex Willis – 484 points
  5. Emily Rolfe – 481 points

Far East Throwdown


  1. Roman Khrennikov – 584 points
  2. Nasser Alruwayeh – 552 points
  3. Arthur Semenov – 536 points
  4. Andrey Fedotov – 447 points
  5. Anthony Haynes – 421 points


  1. Seungyeon Choi – 588 points
  2. Seher Kaya – 560 points
  3. Dawon Jung – 508 points
  4. Dema Zebdieh – 468 points
  5. Yuko Sakuyama – 464 points
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Fikowski’s strategy paid off with a 1st-place finish in Event 5, Endure the Sled. His sizeable lead on 2nd-place finisher Toon tells us that in 2022, Fikowski isn’t here for anything less than a podium finish at the Games. O’Brien blew us away, as we predicted. The 18-year-old nabbed four event wins to finish the weekend a full 56 points ahead of Barnhart (and not far behind Tia-Clair Toomey). What she might lack in experience, she makes up for in sheer strength, speed, and strategy.

At the Far East Throwdown, Khrennikov also secured four 1st-place finishes, although Alruwayeh ultimately wasn’t that far behind. And for the ladies, Choi gave an impressive performance. She had four event wins and never finished below 3rd place. Kaya was on her heels, though, and finished just 28 points behind.

There’s just one weekend of Semifinals left, followed by the Last-Chance Qualifier, before the big show: The 2022 CrossFit Games. During the Last-Chance Qualifier, athletes who narrowly missed qualifying for the Games will have one more chance to claim their ticket with a virtual competition. It’s a relatively new addition to the competitive season and allows athletes one final opportunity to show us what they’re made of. It’s also an opportunity to bring a bit of consistency back to the competition. Remember that CrossFit programmed two of the six workouts, while the individual event organizers got to select the remaining four. It promises to be a tough event, particularly for athletes who didn’t have as much time to recover. But you know they’ll be ready to bring the heat.

With one weekend left, a lot of excitement awaits. We’ve still got Daniel Camacho and Games vet Samantha Briggs waiting to compete at Strength in Depth. And Dani Horan and Guilherme Domingues are patiently waiting for their turns at the Atlas Games and Copa Sur, respectively. The leaderboard action is only just beginning, and as you might already know, anything can happen.

Catch all of the excitement live on the main CrossFit website and their YouTube channel. And remember that it isn’t over until it’s over! We won’t know until after the Last-Chance Qualifier concludes who for sure is going to the Games.

Stay tuned for more!