Having the gym equipment you need right in the comfort of your own home has always been nice. And in the days post-pandemic, not only is it nice, but it’s almost a necessity. But what if you aren’t working with a ton of available space? Stress not — you can still invest in a few solid pieces of equipment so that your fitness journey isn’t inhibited. Keep reading for the best home gym equipment for small spaces — apartments, houses, garages, and beyond.

The Best Home Gym Equipment for Small Spaces: 7 Pieces to Complete Your Training Room

Even if you’re dealing with a tiny space, you can still invest in a few vital pieces of home gym equipment.

1. Parallete Bars

They look simple, but parallete bars are quite versatile. Use them for static ab holds and get a killer core workout. Take ’em for a spin for your next round of tricep dips, or flip over and hang onto them for push-ups (or handstand push-ups!) with a serious deficit. They’re small and stackable, so you can easily store them away without taking up too much space.

As an added bonus, this piece of home gym equipment is quiet to use, making it even more suitable for people who live in upstairs units.

parallete bars home gym equipment for small spaces

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2. Plyo Boxes

There are countless ways to use plyo boxes outside of box jumps, like step-ups, box dips, and handstand push-up variations. Like parallete bars, they’re super versatile, and you can easily get a full-body workout — both strength-building and cardio — with nothing more than a single plyo box. If you buy a set, they should be stackable so that you can save space, making it the perfect home gym equipment if you’re living in tight quarters.

Psst! Click here for a full list of plyo box exercises that don’t involve box jumps. Remember that if you have people living below you and you don’t want to do a ton of jumping, there are still plenty of other uses for a plyo box!

plyo box best home gym equipment for small spaces

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3. Kettlebells

Ah, yes — the ever-versatile kettlebell. There is no end to what you can do with this piece of home gym equipment. From swings and cleans to goblet squats and thrusters, there are infinite possibilities with just this single piece of home gym equipment. You can opt for one and get creative, or purchase multiple weights so that you have a little variety.

If you need more ideas, check out our blog on five kettlebell exercises to put in your programming. You are not limited to swings.

athlete using kettlebell as best home gym equipment for small spaces

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Side note: Just about anything you can do with a kettlebell, you can do with a dumbbell. Shop our dumbbells here and consider adding at least one pair to your home gym equipment collection. They’re a basic must-have and will get plenty of use.

4. Sandbags

Sandbags are perfect for low-impact but high-intensity movements. Just about anything can be made 10 times more difficult when you add a sandbag to it. Lunges and air squats, clean and jerks and even rows — up the intensity with a single sandbag. That’s all you need. Feel like getting some fresh air? Throw it around your shoulders and go for a walk/run around the neighborhood.

athlete using sandbag

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5. Pull-Up Bars

All you need is a wall and a few basic tools, and you’ll be knocking out those kipping pull-ups in no time. Don’t forget that there are countless other things you can do on the bar: bar muscle-ups, static holds, deficit pull-ups for strength-building, chin-ups, and beyond.

Don’t be intimidated by the setup. Once it’s secure on the wall, you never have to touch it again (unless you want to move it).

wall-mounted pull-up bar

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6. Slam Ball

“All I can do is throw it,” you’re thinking. False! Think outside the box. Use slam balls to up the intensity of lunges, air squats, sit-ups, clean and jerks, Russian twists, over-the-shoulder tosses, deadlifts, box step-ups, you name it. You can even use it for farmer carries around the house or neighborhood.

athlete doing slam ball throws

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7. Speed Rope

If you don’t have your own speed rope… do you even train? This one is a must, even if you’re not training at home. How else are you going to perfect your double-unders (and, dare we say, your triple-unders?)? There’s a reason this movement appears in so many WODs, and it’s that single- and double-unders are a full-body burn. In other words, your home gym equipment isn’t complete with a trusty speed rope.

Psst! Not sure which one to purchase Check out our blog on five things to look for in a speed rope.

male athlete using speed rope

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We know it can be frustrating trying to get your sweat on when you have limited space. You feel like your only option is bodyweight movements. While this is an excellent start, it certainly isn’t the end. Use this list of the best home gym equipment for small spaces and set up your own personal tiny home gym. Always remember that functional fitness is constantly varied. All that really matters is that you’re challenging your body to do new things — and having fun while you do it!

Stay strong. Stay tough. You go this!

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