When it comes to athletic footwear, it’s hard to do better than Nike. The Nike Metcon 7 was such a huge improvement that it’s been difficult to imagine how the retail giant would outdo themselves with the next iteration. But the Metcon 8 is here, and while the changes seem smaller in size, it’s always been Nike’s attention to detail that makes them a consistent frontrunner.

What’s New with the Nike Metcon 8?

Some of the biggest changes with the Metcon 8 are the customization options. The color palette has been redefined and on the lateral heel, where there’s typically the Nike React logo, you can opt for a short, personalized message.

Nike Metcon 8 heel

For the first time in Metcon history, there’s a chrome aglet option, for the athletes who’d like a little extra bling. On the Swoosh design and heel plate, you can also add metallic or gold finishes. The Metcon 8 will feel like winning the lottery for athletes who are also sneakerheads.

In terms of features, there’s been an update to the toe box and the reinforcement mesh that covers it. This upgrade isn’t too surprising considering that one of the main complaints about the Metcon 7 was that the upper snagged and ripped too easily. The redesign with the Metcon 8 looks even more reinforced, particularly along the lateral sides of the uppers. You might notice that the toe box feels a little roomier, too.

Nike Metcon 8 upper

The previous version of the rope guard has been swapped for grippy rubber wraps — likely Nike’s response to the previous iterations of the Metcon feeling a bit clunky. The laces of the shoe have seen an upgrade to a more traditional system, although it still has the flywire cables integrated.

And finally, the Metcon 8 is just a tad lighter than its predecessor, although it’s slight enough that you might not even notice it.

What’s the Same?

The Nike React Foam is alive and well. The base remains cushioned, springy, and lightweight — making for a versatile shoe that helps you crush both metcons and strength-based workouts. The rubber tread gives you plenty of traction on every surface, whether you’re training at the gym or on the pavement.

Nike Metcon 8s

The Metcon 8 has some nice flexibility to it. The sole has grooves to let your foot bend more naturally, and the heel offers just enough give to keep you comfortable but supported during cardio and sprinting. The heel is still more on the wide and flat side, giving your feet a solid and sturdy foundation. And lastly, we’ve still got the handstand clip at the heel to help minimize drag during exercises like handstand push-ups.

One thing we’ve always loved about Nike is how closely they listen to their athletes. It’s obvious that the adjustments made to the Metcon 8 are a response to feedback they got about the Metcon 7. And that’s why you’re always in good hands with Nike.

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