This past weekend brought us the last three Semifinals: Atlas Games, Strength in Depth, and Copa Sur. The top five men, women, and teams secured their tickets to the Games. We made our predictions but there were certainly a few surprises along the way!

Atlas Games

These athletes showed up and delivered. Say hello to your next 10 Games competitors.


  1. Jeffrey Adler – 564 points
  2. Patrick Vellner – 556 points
  3. Alexandre Caron – 480 points
  4. Alex Vigneault – 440 points
  5. Nycolas Joyal – 432 points


  1. Emma Lawson – 568 points
  2. Paige Powers – 560 points
  3. Caroline Conners – 477 points
  4. Freya Moosbrugger – 468 points
  5. Carolyne Prevost -441 points

It was an interesting race between Adler and Vellner, who finished just eight points apart, as did Lawson and powers. Competition at the Games is going to be tight.

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Strength in Depth

In a surprising twist, one of our top picks — Jonne Koski — just barely missed making the top five, with 428 points.


  1. Willy Georges – 520 points
  2. Henrik Haapalainen – 465 points
  3. André Houdet – 462 points
  4. Giorgos Karavis – 430 points
  5. Guillaume Briant – 430 points


  1. Jacqueline Dahlstrøm – 532 points
  2. Emma McQuaid – 508 points
  3. Thuridur Erla Helgadottir – 501 points
  4. Solveig Sigurdardottir – 447 points
  5. Elisa Fuliano – 420 points

Perhaps even more surprising than Koski’s close miss was former fittest Davidsdottir, who also finished in 6th place with 414 points. She had a 1st-, 3rd-, and 4th-place finish. But it wasn’t enough to offset finishing the other three events in 18th, 11th, and 18th again. However, she’s already confirmed that we’ll be seeing her at the Last-Chance Qualifier, and you know she’s going to show up hungry.

Copa Sur


  1. Guilherme Malheiros – 544 points
  2. Pedro Martins – 464 points
  3. Agustin Richelme – 443 points
  4. Nicolas Bidarte – 390 points
  5. Lucas Da Rosa – 380 points


  1. Victoria Campos – 516 points
  2. Julia Kato – 460 point
  3. Claudia Espinosa – 444 points
  4. Amanda Fusuma – 440 points
  5. Luiza Marques – 436 points

It was a big weekend for Brazil, which is sending seven athletes to the CrossFit Games, as of right now. And with a few more in the running, the Last-Chance Qualifier could add to the country’s roster.

What’s Next for the 2022 Competitive Season?

In a little over two weeks (June 29, to be exact), certain athletes will have one last opportunity to qualify for the 2022 CrossFit Games by competing at the Last-Chance Qualifier — a virtual event. This will be their final shot at securing their tickets to the Games in Madison, which will take place August 3-7.

HQ has seen a number of drastic changes over the last several years — higher-ups leaving the company for one reason or another, some of our favorite athletes retiring from the competition (we’re looking at you, Fraser), and adjustments to make things work during the pandemic. But one thing hasn’t changed: our passion for the sport and our love for this community.

What do you expect to see during the Last-Chance Qualifier? Who do you think is going to grab the last few spots to the Games? Stay tuned for updates!

Featured image: Pat Vellner/Justin Tamane