Time flies and the holidays are around the corner. For many, one of the most stressful parts of this time of year is finding the perfect gifts for friends, family, or a significant other. If someone you love just started functional fitness, you’re in luck. We’ve put together the ultimate gift guide for new athletes. These people recently took a big step and joined a gym to start working on the best version of themselves. You know they deserve some awesome gear. Here’s what you should hook them up with this holiday season.

The 9 Best Gifts for New Athletes

1. Grips

We all remember our first rip. It can be hard for your hands to get used to all of the swinging, pulling, and lifting involved in functional fitness. Save your friend’s hands by gifting them with a pair of kangaroo leather gymnastics grips. These grips are designed for all bar types and offer maximum protection without getting in the way.


2. Finger Tape

Tape is a great thing to have on hand in your gym bag. It can be extremely useful to use on your thumbs/fingers and wrists for Olympic weightlifting, especially for those who are still getting used to using the hook grip. TWL finger tape has medical-grade adhesive and will stick with you through the heaviest of lifts and nastiest of workouts.

TWL finger tape

3. Wrist Wraps

Your newbie friend will thank you. Overhead and front rack positions can be pretty rough for some beginners who lack mobility, especially in their wrists. Sturdy wrist wraps provide strong wrist support without added bulk. They are easy to adjust mid-WOD and come in multiple colors and patterns. Give your newest fitness friend the gift of support, increased range of motion, and versatility this year.

TWL wrist wraps

4. Lacrosse Ball

When their first week of classes is catching up to them or they are trying to recover from Fran for the first time, they will be more than grateful to have a lacrosse ball. Small but mighty, these bad boys are used to roll out sore spots and knots and are an ideal trigger point release tool for those hard-to-reach places.

woman using lacrosse ball

5. Knee Sleeves

If you do functional fitness, you know there’s a ton of squatting involved. Prepare your friend by hooking them up with a pair of trusty knee sleeves. Wearing knee sleeves not only helps manage pain and reduce the chance of injury but also provides additional compression to warm the knee joints and promote better blood flow and longevity.

male athlete wearing knee sleeves

6. Speed Rope

Because you know they’re going to want to start practicing and mastering double-unders right away, a high-quality rope will take their rope-jumping skills to the next level. With smooth handling and efficient turning, they will be stringing double-unders together like it’s nothing in no time.

TWL speed rope

7. Protein

Make sure your friend is taking full advantage of their newbie gains and refueling after every workout. Origen Whey Protein is clean (it only contains three ingredients), uncomplicated, and made from superior whey protein isolate. Whether the goal is to put on muscle mass, recover faster between workouts, or lean out, Origen will help get you there.

Origen protein

8. Gym Bag

With all this great new gear, an equally awesome gym bag to haul it all around in is very necessary. TWL’s Essentials Backpack will easily take you from the office to the gym. These bags are made super tough so they’re stronger and more durable than other gym bags on the market.

TWL Essentials Backpack

9. TWL Gift Card

When in doubt, go with a gift card. Send all your friends TWL Gift Cards so they can stock up on gear that has been sitting on their wish list.

TWL gift cards

It’s that special time of year to show people you really care about how much you appreciate them. Support your loved ones on their new fitness journey and help them stock up with The WOD Life today.